Campus Traffic

Bicycles are strongly recommended for on-campus transportation. The morning bicycle jam on the roads to the classrooms has always been a sight to behold. You can buy a new or a second-hand bicycle from the shops or outside the campus.

Electric bicycles are NOT recommended on campus. Some zones of the campus are stipulated as Zone of Quietness, where the alarms of the bicycles must be shut down in these zones. In some places in the campus, electric bicycles are forbidden for entrance.

Motorcycles are forbidden in the campus. Riding motorcycles in the campus is a violation of the university traffic regulation and the students discipline regulations.

Public Transportation

To have a Beijing Public Transportation Card is necessary if you travel often outside the campus. It can be purchased in subway stations and used for Beijing subways and buses.

Beijing subways are developing rapidly and provide convenient, fast traffic in rush hours. Around BJUT campus there exist three subway stations: Beigongda West Gate station of Line 14, Jingsong station of Line 10, and Jiulongshan station of Line 7. Please refer to Beijing Subway Map here.

There are also many bus stations outside the west gate, south gate, and the north gate of BJUT campus. The bus stop outside the west gate is the nearest one to the International Student Dormitory.


The legal taxi is usually in yellow color, with a taxi sign and a license plate prefix “京B”. Illegal taxi is not advised.

When getting off, remember to check your belongings and luggage, especially your stuff in the trunk. Keep the invoice after payment. The license plate number, date and time, distance, and price are all recorded on the invoice, thus it is a good reference when necessary.


In China, a valid Chinese driver’s license is compulsory for driving automobiles. Foreign driver licenses are NOT applicable.

Driving automobiles without a valid Chinese driver license is violation of law. It is a crime to drive automobile in drunkenness.