Outstanding Alumni Donation

Showcase of Outstanding Alumni Donation

Alumni are the name card issued by alma mater and the root carrying university’s cultural heritage and history; Alumni, the most valuable assets, is bound up with the university for the “development community”.

Six-decades of devotion to education create a pipeline of talent of ability everywhere. Over its 60 years of history, the university has prepared the state and society with more than 160,000 graduates. Today, those BJUT alumni are working in all walks of life at home and abroad as a significant driver for social progress and development, making important contributions to nation-building and Beijing’s development. On the way toward BJUT’s dream, alumni have always been weathered storm and stress together with their alma mater, given back to their alma mater with gratitude and helped their construction and development.

Zhu Weisha-led five alumni of 1977 donated 10 million yuan to support the innovation and entrepreneurship of BJUTers

Zhang Jieting, an alumnus of 1982, has successively donated 6 million yuan to support the construction and development of the university

Professor Ren Futian, a retired teacher of the university, invested 1 million yuan to establish the “Ren Futian” Transportation Scholarship

Gao Zhiyou, an alumnus of 1977, donated 300,000 yuan to set up Gaozhi Scholarship

Yan yuanzeng, an alumnus of 1960, donated 100,000 yuan to support the construction of the library and finance the scholarship of College of Materials Science and Engineering