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Every day is a new opportunity to find purpose in your work—from our beautiful grounds and remarkable buildings to our research labs and cultural facilities. Whether you’re already part of our community or just getting to know us for the first time, we invite you to imagine the meaningful difference you can make while working at Beijing University of Technology (BJUT).

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Founded in 1960, BJUT is a multidisciplinary municipal university with an engineering focus, offering programs in science, engineering, economics, management, humanities, law, and arts. Admitted to the National “211 Project” in 1996, BJUT was listed as one of China’s 95 universities to build world-class disciplines in 2017.

BJUT benefits from a diverse faculty and staff who create a welcoming environment and opportunities for all students to grow, learn and succeed.

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We’re ready to welcome you. At BJUT, you have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on students, faculty, researchers, other staff, the local community, and even the world. You also have the opportunity to realize your own personal goals, build strong relationships, be recognized for the work you do, and enjoy the unique value only the BJUT employment experience can offer.

  • Ready forBJUT International Faculty Recruitment 2020?

In accordance with BJUT International Faculty Recruitment, Employment and Management Regulation (trial)(BJUT〔2017〕NO.4),the recruitment of international faculty for the fall semester of 2020 is launched now!!!

  • Types of Application

1New Employee Application

Applicants who are hired will start working at BJUT from the fall semester 2020.

2The Assessment of Current Staff and Renewal of Contract

The assessment and renewal are for the current international faculty members whose contract will expire in the fall semester of 2020. The secondary-level institutions shall arrange the assessment, and the international faculty members who are qualified through the assessment and whom secondary-level institutions intend to continually employ are eligible to participate in the renewal.

  • Posts &Requirements

1Teaching Positions: no less than 8 teaching hours per week for major-related teaching; no less than 14 teaching hours per week for language teaching.

2、Administrative Positions: be responsible for the public administration related to the international affairs of BJUT, part of workload can be focused on teaching as well.

Note: the courses offered by the international faculty should be the coursesin university’s curriculum forthe bachelors and masters degree students.

  • Job Qualifications

The applicants should meet the following requirements:

1.In principle be under the age of 60 with good health condition and no criminal record;

2.Work a full-time job during the contract period;

3.(For language teaching staff) Have a master or doctoral degree /title of lecturer or higher with more than 3-year language teaching experience. The languages taught should be the mother tongue of his/her country of origin.

4.(For major-related teaching staff) Have a doctoral degree /associate professor or higher) with a strong professional background and profound knowledge of the cutting-edge science and technology and good experience in research & discipline construction.

5.(For administrative staff)Have a master or doctoral degree with more than 3-year administrative working experience.

6.Applicants with a doctoral degree, who aim for teaching & research positions, should apply for post-doctoral programs of Human Resource Office.

  • Assessment and Salary

The assessment and payment will be implemented according toBJUT International Faculty Recruitment, Employment and Management Regulation (trial)(BJUT〔2017〕NO.4)

  • Procedures

1.Application: The qualified applicants should apply to secondary- level institutions for either new positions or the renewal. The institutions shall assist the applicants with the preparation of documents.

2.Examination (on secondary-levelinstitution-level): all applications should be examined and ranked by secondary-level institutions, which should be approved by the leadership of secondary-level institutions and then submitted to international office.

3.Assessment (on university-level): all documents submitted by the secondary institution will be reviewed by the university review meeting.

4.Announcement: the result of review will be announced on B JUT internal website.

5.Entry Procedures: Those who are approved and have signed the contract need to go to the Human Resource Office for registration to officially begin the procedure. The secondary-level institutions shall assist the employees in completing the relevant procedure such as work visa application, accommodation, teaching arrangements and daily issues.

  • Documents Submission

1.For new applications, please submitApplication Form for

International Faculty Recruitmentand supporting documents as follows:

  1. Curriculum vitae

  2. Highest degree and diploma certificate

  3. Personal information page of passport

4) Working experience reference

2.For the renewal, please submitApplication Form for the Renewal and

Work Report of the Current International Facultyand supporting documents as follows:

1)Summary Sheet of International Faculty’s Assessment for the Academic Year 2019-2020

2)Expert’s Feedback Sheet of International Faculty for the Academic year 2019-2020

*Please turn to secondary-level institutions for the above documents.

  • Deadline and Contact Information

1.Deadline: Please ask respective secondary–level institutions for the specific deadline since each of them will have their own employment arrangements. The deadline for secondary–level institutions submitting applications to International Office is19thApril 2020.

2.Submission:Please submit all documents to the secretary of foreign affairs of the secondary –level institutions as required.

3.Contact person: please find attached file.

If you are the one who take responsibility for your actions and

challenge yourselves in a new culture — We want you! If you are ready to share your passion for education — We want you! If you believe that you can help make BJUT a better place through your efforts — We want you!

Please make your application as soon as possible. For more details, please visit campus website at

Appendix:Contact Information of Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the Secondary –level Institutions

International Office, BJUT

Human Resource Office, BJUT

March 16, 2020