Founded in 1960, Beijing University of Technology (BJUT) is a key university under the administration of Beijing Municipal Government, with its main campus located at No.100 Ping Leyuan, Chaoyang District in Beijing.


In 1996, BJUT was included in National 211 Project, joining the rank of China’s 100 top universities in 21st century. In 2016, according to the latest QS University Ranking, BJUT is ranked at 100th among all universities in Asia and 26th in Mainland China.


At present, BJUT has 33 colleges and institutes, offering programs in science, engineering, literature, economics, management, law, philosophy, education and arts etc. It has 3 national key disciplines and 39 municipal key disciplines and 18 Post-doctoral research programs. It offers 34 Master’s Degree programs, 57 Bachelor’s Degree programs and 10 Professional Degree programs. BJUT has now over 29,670 students, including 13,435 undergraduates, 11,253 postgraduates, 3,968 undergraduates of continuing education and 1014 international students.


Currently, BJUT has 2967 faculty and staff members, among whom 1575 are full-time academic faculty members, including 8 Academicians of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Chinese Academy of Sciences, 9 specially-appointed professors of ‘Yangtze River Scholars Program’, 10 winners of ‘National Fund for Distinguished Young Scientists’, 13 candidates of ‘Global Youth Experts Recruitment Program’ and 53 international teachers.


After 55 years since its establishment, BJUT has fostered more than 130,000 graduates who are now playing a key role in all walks of life. BJUT has become an important base for talent cultivation, scientific research and technological innovation in Beijing and in China.


Inspired by the motto of ‘Endless Pursuit of Truth as Aim, Persistent Innovation as Way’ and following the three strategies of ‘strengthening the university by talents, developing its own characteristics and opening up to the outside world’, BJUT strives to build itself into an ‘internationally recognized high-level research university with its uniqueness’ and make more contribution to the economic and social development at home and abroad.