Native English Speakers Needed for the English Teaching Position in BJUT


Beijing University of Technology (BJUT) is recruiting 1 native speaker for its English teaching position.


Candidates should be friendly and have good understanding of Chinese culture; abide by Chinese laws and regulations, be in good health and do not possess criminal record.

Additionally candidates should:

  1. Be a native speaker of English (American/British/Canadian/Australian/ New Zealand),
  2. Possess a teaching certificate valid from their home countries, or an English language teaching certificate (TEFL、TESOL、TESL、CELTA、TKT and CELTY);
  3. Master’s degree or above;
  4. Under 65 years old;
  5. Teaching experience of at least two years



Teaching load is between 14-16 classes each week, (1 class = 45minutes);;


Salary and Benefits:

  1. Salary: monthly salary depending on experience;
  2. Housing: free fully-furnished one (two) bedroom housing will be provided;
  3. Insurance: “Overall Insurance & Benefit Plan for People Coming to China” will be provided;
  4. Allowances: Travel Allowance: Reimbursement of one round trip air ticket from permanent residence to Beijing, or a subsidy each semester; Vacation Allowance: 1100 Yuan RMB each semester;Utility Allowance: 400 Yuan RMB each month;



To apply for this job, please submit your CV and cover letter via email to; Please state your full name, country of residence, time available to start the work in your resume.