Confucius Institute Opole was formally established on October 8, 2008. The host universities are Beijing University of Technology and OpoleUniversity of Technology of Poland. It is under the joint management of the two universities.







With the support of Hanban (Office of Chinese Language Council International) and the concerted efforts of both sides, Confucius Institute Opole now has a teaching area of 420 square meters, 6 full-time teachers, 2 native part-time teacher and 3 Chinese volunteer teachers. In 2015,it has 46 Chinese classes with 676 students. Confucius Institute Opole not only offers regular Chinese teaching courses but also organizes a series of cultural experience activities; it also hosted some international conferences. Confucius Institute Opole will organize artistic performances for the Spring Festival every year. It is especially notable that Confucius Institute Opole has successfully developed the “Master Degree program of China–Europe Cross-Cultural Management”,which is the first Master Degree Program of Cross-Cultural Management in Poland whose diploma is recognized by Chinese government.



Teaching Activities in 2015



Chinese Culture Workshops—— Ceremony Tea 2015



With the development of China’s reform and opening-up and social economy, and the constantly deepening of economic globalization, China needs to know the world; the world also needs to know about China. Confucius Institute Opole serves as a bridge for mutual understanding at the right moment.



Spring Festival Performance in 2015