2016 Witnessed A Boost in Inbound and Outbound Student Exchanges

2016 Witnessed A Boost in Inbound and Outbound Student Exchanges_BJUT International Student Alumni Association Formally Established1

2016 Witnessed A Boost in Inbound and Outbound Student Exchanges_Students participating in the Summer Program co-organized by BJUT and University of Toronto, Canada


2016 witnessed a boost in both the number of inbound and outbound students, thanks to the support from the leadership of BJUT and the hard work by relevant departments and colleges.


Throughout the whole year, 872 BJUT students went abroad through various study abroad programs, hitting a record high in the history of BJUT. Among them, 136 students participated in the long-term exchange programs between BJUT and its partner universities all around the world. 376 students participated in the 18 short-term programs organized by BJUT and its partners. Besides, 109 students joined the international volunteer program during the summer holiday, providing volunteering services around the globe. In the meanwhile, 251 graduate students went abroad for either long-term or short-term exchanges, conducting joint research work or attending international conferences.


2016 also marked the good work in terms of the incoming international students. BJUT is home to a total of 946 international students from around 70 countries in the year of 2016. Among them, 725 are long-term degree-seeking students and 221 are short-term non-degree students.


Over the years, with the aim of becoming an internationally recognized, high-level research university with its uniqueness, BJUT has been actively promoting its strategy of internationalization. BJUT places importance and priority on cultivating high-quality talents with international vision and competitiveness. It has already established a variety of links with nearly 200 colleges and universities in over 30 countries and regions.


In 2016, it ranked among the top 26 universities at home and 100th in the QS Asian University Rankings.




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