3 Professors in BJUT Selected for “Chang Jiang Scholars Program” in 2016

Recently, the selected list of the “Chang Jiang Scholars Program” of 2016 has been released by The Ministry of Education. Three professors in BJUT have been selected as Outstanding Young Scholars, among them are Professor Song Xiaoyan (College of Materials Science & Engineering), Professor Chen Shujun (College of Mechanical Engineering & Applied Electronic Technology) and Lu Dechun (College of Architecture & Civil Engineering). So far, 12 BJUT professors have been chosen for “Chang Jiang Scholars Program.”

“Chang Jiang Scholars Program” is regarded as a means to invigorate China through science and education, attracting and cultivating talents as well as enhancing academic co-operation.

In recent years, BJUT has progressed by attracting and cultivating talents. Some powerful discipline leaders are based in BJUT including Specially Appointed Professors of “Chang Jiang Scholars Program”, Outstanding Young Scholars and Winners of National Natural Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, all of whom play an important role in BJUT’s development.