30.4% Year-on-year Growth in the Number of Journal Articles with SCI Subject Impact Factor in the Top 1/10 Published by BJUT

According to the 2015 Release Conference of Statistical Results of China’s Science and Technology Papers, 797 SCI papers with first authors were published by BJUT in 2014, which ranked first in the list. Of the 797 papers, the Subject Impact Factor (SFI) of 120 papers was in the top 1/10, with a year-on-year growth of 30.4%. It accounted for 15.1% of all 797 SCI papers, with a growth rate of 1.9%.

Moreover, 274 international papers among the 797 SCI papers of 2014 were considered distinguished papers with a year-on-year growth of 39.1% (“distinguished” means that the number of citations is above the Subject average); 139 papers were internationally co-authored with BJUT as the first author, with a year-on-year growth of 29.9%.

According to the SCI statistics, the quantity and percentage of the high-quality papers of BJUT keeps climbing and the overall quality of the papers is improving steadily. This confirms the positive effects of BJUT’s advanced-oriented incentive policy developed during the 12th Five Year Plan.

The Statistical Report of Chinese Science and Technology Papers includes quantity and citation occurences of international papers submmited by Chinese people, quantity and citation occurences of papers published domestically, distribution and influence of papers within each subject field, within each region and within each type of institute in China, the internationally co-authored papers and the high-impact science and technology papers in China, the statistical analysis of the related index of the journals of science and technology, and the citation report from the book publishers in China.

Since 1987, the Institute of Science and Technology Information of China has been annually announcing the publications and trends of China’s science and technology papers. Furthermore, it also releases the statistical analysis of the output of China’s patents, scientific and technological journals and academic books, etc..


Appendix: Comparison of Paper Collection and Growth Rates Between Three Major Retrieval Systems


Paper Types 2013 2014 Year-on-year growth of quantity (%) Increased percentage on SCI (%)
Distinguished SCI papers 197 274 39.1 6.0
SCI papers with SIF in the top 1/10 92 120 30.4 1.9
SCI papers with first author 107 139 29.9 2.0
Quantity of SCI papers cited in the past decade 2562 4350 69.8  
Cited times of SCI papers in the past decade 20250 26353 30.1  
Quantity of SCI papers 695 797 14.7  
Quantity of EI papers 864 979 13.3  
Quantity of CPCI-S papers 244 289 18.4