Alumni Zhu Weisha Donated to the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiatives of BJUT Students

Zhu Weisha, who graduated in 1979, has always been concerned about the development of BJUT. Upon his return this time, he donated 10 million RMB to support the initiatives of innovation and entrepreneurship of students.

On October 17th, the Donation Ceremony was held in BJUT International Exchange Center, presided over by Vice President Jiang Yijian. Chairman of the University Council Zheng Jichun awarded the Donation Certificate to Mr. Zhu, and Vice President Jiang Yijian signed the agreement with him. Attendees included leaders from the International Cooperation and Liaison Office, Guidance Center of Employment and Entrepreneurship, CEICE, CCS and CSE, etc..


Chaiman Zheng Jichun awarded Donation Certificate to Mr. Zhu Weisha


Vice President Jiang Yijian signed the Agreement with Mr. Zhu Weisha


Mr. Zhu Weisha noted many changes at BJUT, such as how the campus is becoming more and more beautiful. Although he graduated many years ago, he still felt very grateful and positive about the education and cultivation of BJUT. During the 55thanniversary of BJUT, he felt honored to do something for his alma mater. He is happy to try his best to support the students of BJUT, either through finance or in his experience of entrepreneurship. He wishes to see more outstanding alumni in the future.

Chairman Zheng Jichun, expressed gratitude to Mr. Zhu for his concern and support on behalf of BJUT. He felt delighted and even moved to witness his return and hear his feedback on the development and construction of the university. He highlighted that alumni were not only the contribution that universities made to the society, but also precious resources for universities and the alma mater will always be the warmest harbor for them. The donated money will be used to support the entrepreneurship of students, which will surely promote the construction of innovation and entrepreneurship education as well as improving the cultivation of talents.

Chairman Zheng Jichun also pointed out that BJUT, guided by the three Strategies of talent cultivation, open education, and characteristic development, was now heading for the goal of becoming an international, characteristic, high-level research university. This is the expectation of all BJUT supporters as well as our mission. In future, all staff and alumni will work together to start a new chapter for our university.

In the meantime, Chairman Zheng Jichun also wished that alumni would continue to show concern and make contribution to our alma mater, and strive for the “Dream of BJUT!”