Beijing-Dublin International College at BJUT


Beijing-Dublin International College at BJUT(BDIC) is an international college jointly established by Beijing University of Technology (BJUT) and University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland. BDIC is a College of both BJUT and UCD. The Joint Management Committee (JMC) chaired by the Presidents of both BJUT and UCD is its highest decision-making administrative body and is responsible for strategic development, operation, management, human resource development and other issues.

BDIC uses western teaching systems and methodology in combination with the traditional strengths of the Chinese higher education system and experience with the specific characteristics of Chinese student. Students of BDIC will gain an international perspective and an extensive knowledge of Chinese and western cultures, be trained to think creatively and innovate, and gain a comprehensive, high quality outlook. BDIC maintains the goal of producing innovative and internationally competitive people, and is establishing itself as a world-class institution.

BDIC has been approved by the Ministry of Education to recruit up to 1,100 students per year and currently offers the following programmes:

• Software Engineering
• Internet of Things Engineering
• Finance
• Applied Statistics


1. Advantages of being located in two capitals

BDIC is the result of the long-term friendship between the twin cities of Beijing and Dublin and the close cooperation in their field of education. Therefore, the establishment of the college is a symbol of deepening friendship between the two cities. As a political, economic and cultural centre of China, Beijing has always been a cradle of talents where excellence is concentrated, and is now increasingly seen as one of the most influential major global cities. As a country well known for its innovation, Ireland is counted amongst the global leaders in education. Dublin, the capital of Ireland, with more than a 1,000-year history of urban development, and its breath-taking natural beauty, is a bustling modern city and is one of Europe’s most significant economic and cultural centres.

Recent years have seen deepening cooperation between China and Ireland in such fields as culture, education and technology and 2011 saw Beijing and Dublin become ‘twin’ cities. BDIC is a platform for the further development of close cooperation, friendship, innovation and educational cooperation between China and Ireland, Beijing and Dublin, and BJUT and UCD.

2.Dual degree

BJUT is a key comprehensive engineering university and the only Beijing based university that has been listed in the Chinese national 211 project.

UCD was founded in 1854 and has been known through the years for its pioneering and world-renowned research as well as providing a high quality of education. UCD is ranked in the top 1% of universities in the world according to the Times Higher Education and has seven Colleges including Engineering & Architecture and Business & Law. UCD has trained the cultural, business and political elites of Ireland and has wide-ranging and close-relationships with the International business community, as well as educational and research institutes.

BDIC takes a full advantage of the academic resources of both universities, with senior faculty contributing to staff development. Students are registered with both BJUT and UCD and can access the resources of both institutions during their four years of study. Following successful completion of the first three years of study, BDIC students may choose to do their final year at the UCD campus in Dublin. Regardless of whether students complete their degree in Beijing or Dublin, they will graduate with a BJUT graduation certificate and a Chinese bachelor degree as well as an internationally recognised UCD bachelor degree. Excellent students may also be eligible to apply for UCD graduate programmes. UCD taught masters programmes are generally one-year in length.

3.Western education system blended with the experience of Chinese higher education

BDIC combines the strong educational resources of BJUT and UCD and strives to create an ideal combination of Chinese and western education. An academic committee comprised of experts from both institutions oversees education and training, moving away from education-by-stage concepts such as 3+1 or 2+2. UCD’s teaching system and programme design are used in combination with the strengths and experience of Chinese education with a full consideration of Chinese students characteristics to create new programmes, which are taught through English. More than 70% of core modules are delivered by UCD lecturers. BDIC aims to build an international and multi-cultural learning environment in which students can learn the skills of independent thought and critical thinking.

4.BDIC provides a platform for the promotion of specialized quality education

In order to create an elite culture and promote active, open and inclusive cultural values, BDIC arranges activities including lecture series, visits and internships at well-known companies as well as foreign exchange activities. This provides a platform for students to build a multi-cultural atmosphere and improves their overall quality.

BDIC has welcomed many distinguished visitors since it was established, including the Irish Ministers for Education & Skills and Arts, Heritage & the Gaeltacht, the Lord Mayor of Dublin, Irish Embassy officials and well-known cultural figures. BDIC provides many opportunities for students to interact with these visitors. Students have participated in a number of activities, including an open day at the Irish Embassy in Beijing, the opening ceremony for the UCD China Alumni Association and an Irish Embassy social media event. Every year, BDIC offers scholarships for students going to Dublin for a short visit during their vacations. These activities not only help students to improve their English, but also enhance their outlook and overall quality.

5.A professional team providing excellent service

BDIC employs a full-time team, including student advisors, tutors, academic mentors, teaching assistants, counsellors and student health officers.

BDIC uses an information platform to provide timely and relevant information to students and parents, including academic information and other activities. The BDIC Weibo account is one of the most active amongst institutes of higher education.



Beijing-Dublin International College at BJUT