Beijing University of Technology and University College Dublin Held 2018 Beijing-Dublin International College Joint Management Committee Meeting

Recently, 2018 Beijing University of Technology and Beijing-Dublin International College Joint Management Committee (JMC for short) meeting was held at University College Dublin, attended by Liu Gonghui, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Beijing University of Technology and President, Wu Bin, Vice President, Andrew J Deeks, President of University College Dublin, Dolores O’Riordan, Vice President, David Kelly, Chief Financial Officer and other members of JMC.

The President Liu Gonghui pointed out that with the joint efforts of the two universities, the work of Beijing-Dublin International College has made remarkable progress. In the future, Beijing-Dublin International College will face more opportunities and challenges, so the two universities will further strengthen communication, improve quality and efficiency to build Beijing-Dublin International College into an internationally renowned model for cooperation in running schools. He hopes that the two universities can further expand the international cooperation model, make full use of the superior educational resources, consolidate and deepen the scientific research cooperation and academic exchanges between the two universities, better adapt to the educational development needs of the two countries, and work together to build a first-class university and first-class disciplines in the world.

The President Andrew J Deeks affirmed the achievements of Beijing-Dublin International College in the past few years. He said that the number and quality of enrollment of Beijing-Dublin International College has steadily increased. As a platform for close ties and friendly cooperation between the two universities, Beijing-Dublin International College promoted educational cooperation and innovation between the two universities, deepened the friendship between Dublin and Beijing. The topic of this meeting is of great significance to the future development of Beijing-Dublin International College, for which he is full of confidence and expects the two universities to achieve more win-win situation through extensive communication and cooperation.

The meeting deliberated and approved the topic of adjustment of JMC members, heard the report on the operation of Beijing-Dublin International College and the enrollment and teaching report for 2017-2018 school year, and passed the final account report for 2017-2018 school year and the financial budget report for 2018-2019 school year. JMC members fully affirmed the operation and teaching of Beijing-Dublin International College and expressed satisfaction with the current financial operation. The meeting also deeply discussed the topics such as the enrollment plan in 2019, the quality improvement of talent cultivation, the standard of student status management, the construction of teaching staff, and the further strengthening of the integration of teachers and students between the two universities. JMC members unanimously agreed that Beijing-Dublin International College needs to further improve the quality of talent cultivation and strengthen the construction of the teaching staff at this stage.