BJUT Achieves in the 18th Session China International Industry Fair

From November 1 to 5, 2016, the 18th session CIIF has been held in National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai). 15 projects of BJUT were in exhibition and promotion.

In this fair, based on the theme of this session, solicited and screened by Science and Technology Development Office, the projects of BJUT are typical, mature and liable to industrialization transfers. According to the committee of CIIF, the project “SCR System with Intelligent Electronic Control on Diesel Engine” won the second prize among university exhibition areas. Moreover, exhibiting group of BJUT gained “Outstanding Organization Award”.

CIIF is one of 4 great national fairs approved by the State Council. BJUT has attended CIIF for 13 years, exhibiting and promoting its scientific achievements as well as improving overall popularity.