BJUT Attended the Fifth Forum of Production-Study-Research Cooperation Result Exhibition in Jiangsu, China

On October 16th, 2015, the Fifth Forum of Industry-Academic Cooperation Result Exhibition and Technology Transfer Conference hosted by Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute were held by the Jiangsu Government in Nanjing International Exhibition Center. This forum, themed with “Promoting the connection between science and technology and the economy, leading the new normal of innovation and development”, invited over 130 universities to attend and more than 1,600 scientific and technological achievements were exhibited. Over 1,500 enterprises from Jiangsu attended this forum and took part in the docking discussion.

In order to better prepare this forum, the Office of Research Management in BJUT, selected over 10 scientific research achievements from Colleges according to the local needs, such as CEICE, CACE, CEEE, CLSBE and ILE. After the platform pre-docking, team representatives from 7 projects (Low-temperature SCR denitration catalyst and engineering technology, Photocatalytic technology and components based on the efficient degradation of gaseous pollutants, artificial heart, real-time PCR, water treatment technology used in sewage containing high COD and heavy metal ion, low- and medium-power Permanent magnet motor without sensing actuator, etc.) were invited to this forum and had on-site discussion with enterprises who were interested in their projects. During the afternoon of the signing ceremony, BJUT signed two Production- Study- Research (IA) Cooperation Agreements. One is with Jiangsu Dongpu Pipe Pile, Ltd. in the research and development and industrialization of high-intensity pre-stressed seismic concrete piles; the other is with Jiangsu Dongpu Pharmaceutical packaging co., Ltd. in the research and development of high alkali pharmaceutical packaging materials for medical use.

The Office of Research Management in BJUT is devoted to building bridges between universities’ scientific research achievements and social needs through this kind of forum. On the one hand, it is oriented toward needs, exploring the effective needs and introducing the universities’ achievements to the society. On the other hand, it helps with the construction of the social services function of scientific and technological results in universities and explores the efficient and characteristic IA cooperation model, during the implementation of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Integration Strategy.