BJUT receives funding of 68 2017 Beijing Natural Science Fund Project

Recently, Beijing Natural Science Foundation announced the appraisal results of 2017 Beijing Natural Science Fund Project. 68 projects of BJUT and a total amount of 12.21 million have been approved. The number of approved projects and the amount of funds reached record highs over the years. BJUT once again became the local institute which receives the largest numbers of Beijing Natural Science Foundation projects.
Beijing Natural Science Fund is an important source of funding for academic research and in recent years the number of applied and funded projects has maintained a higher level. This year saw the successful ratification of all the projects BJUT has applied.
In 2017, 6176 projects have been applied to Beijing Natural Science Foundation. BJUT has applied for 223 projects among which 68 were funded and the funding rate is 30.5%, higher than the average one, indicating the improved quality of application.