College of Humanities & Social Sciences

College of Humanities and Social Sciences, Beijing University of Technology, was founded in March, 2000; the well-known sociologist, Professor Lu Xueyi served as the first Dean. The College has five undergraduate programs, including Sociology, Social Work, Advertising, Law and Chinese Language and Culture (only enrolled international students); and master degrees in Sociology. Meanwhile, the College has trained doctoral students in Social Management research field. Sociology is the key constructive disciplines in Beijing. Since 2002, School of Humanities and Social Sciences have had about 1000 undergraduates and 200 graduates in total. Most of them have played and are playing the role of professional leadership in working. Now, there are about 620 registered students at School of Humanities and Social Sciences. Among them, 542 are undergraduate student, 82 are graduate student, and 20 are international students.

College of Humanities and Social Sciences is the Construction Unit of National University Students Cultural Quality Education Base, the Advanced Unit of National University Arts Education, the Chairman and Secretary-General Unit of National Talent Research Council, Extraordinary Talent Professional Committee, Beijing Philosophy and Social Science Research Base, and the Advanced Unit of Beijing University Psychological Counseling and Mental Health Education .

The College has these excellent faculties with a rational structure and a strong cohesion. There are 80 teachers and researchers in the College including 6 professors, 39 associate professors. There are 42 teachers who have acquired Ph.D.

Currently, the College has a number of departments and research institutes including Department of Sociology, Department of Social Work, Department of Advertising, Department of Law, Department of Chinese Language and Culture, Arts Center, Beijing social management research Center, Beijing society-building Institute, Petition and social governance research center ,Sociology Institute, Institute of Cultural and Creative Industry, Institute of Literature, Human Resource Research Center, Modern Advertising Research Center, and etc.


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College of Humanities & Social Sciences