College of International Education

College of International Education (CIE) of Beijing University of Technology (BJUT) was established in April 2011. CIE is responsible for the application, admission, registration as well as the study and daily life of international students. CIE administrates the international exchanges of Chinese students in BJUT. CIE is responsible for hosting international students at exchange programs and non-degree programs.

Currently, there are more than 1000 international students on campus, coming from 82 countries and regions around the world. Over 600 Chinese students take part in international exchange programs every year.
CIE is equipped with professional administrators and faculty members with great organizing abilities and global visions. A majority of them have either taught or studied in other countries. BJUT has now established a Confucius Institute in Poland in an effort to promote Chinese language and culture and boost BJUT’s international presence and influence.

CIE offers bachelor, master and doctoral degree programs in Chinese and English. Program EPIS (Engineering Program for International Students) in English developed by CIE has been very popular among the international students. Besides Chinese language courses of different levels, CIE also offers compulsory and elective courses in Chinese language and culture, history, politics, economy and law, etc. Depending on the needs of international students, short-term training programs are also provided during winter and summer holidays.

To enrich the campus life of the international students, CIE organizes a wide range of interesting extra-curricular activities including badminton, basketball, football games, singing, calligraphy and painting. In order to enhance international students’ understanding of Chinese society and culture, CIE organizes frequent visits to famous historic and cultural sites and provides students with opportunities to watch Peking Opera, acrobatics and Wushu performances.

With advanced management and high quality teaching, CIE provides excellent service for students both from home and abroad, hence advancing the internationalization of BJUT and promoting the international cultural and academic exchanges.



College of International Education