College of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Electronics Technology

The College of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Electronics Technology (hereinafter called “College of ME”) of Beijing University of Technology (hereinafter called “BJUT”) was founded in March, 1998. It was formerly known as Machinery Department of BJUT, which was one of the oldest departments when BJUT was established in 1960. Currently, there are 5 academic sections or departments in the college, which are Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, Electromechanical Engineering, Mechanical Design and Theory, Mechanics, and Instrument Science and Technology, together with 2 experimental demonstration centers for teaching.

College of ME has abundant teachers. Now, there are 144 faculty members, including 100 full-time teachers. There are 25 supervisors for PhD students, 5 part-time supervisors for PhD students, 30 professors, 45 associate professors or senior engineers, and 82 teachers have PhD degrees. The college also has ever-emerging talented teachers. Now, there are 2 national teaching teams, 1 “Cheung Kong Scholar” distinguished professor of Ministry of Education, 1 winner of National Science Fund for Outstanding Youth, 6 inductees of Beijing Overseas Talents Program, 1 winner of National Science Fund for Excellent Youth, 3 teachers selected into Beijing New Century Project for Millions of Talents, 5 distinguished professors of Beijing, 1 teacher selected into New Century Support Plan for Excellent Talents of Ministry of Education, 5 outstanding teachers with high-level teaching of Beijing, 2 teachers selected into Beijing High-level Talents Funding Plan, 2 Great Wall scholars of Beijing, 4 university academic innovation teams of Beijing, 5 tiptop innovative talents of Beijing, 11 technology novae of Beijing, 12 young and middle-aged backbone teachers of Beijing, and 4 young tiptop talents of Beijing.

College of ME is actively setting up a disciplinary platform that has the following four kind of levels-national level, provincial and ministerial level, industrial level and school level. There are a number of advanced and well-equipped laboratories and scientific research bases in the college, including 5 national/ministerial/provincial key laboratories, such as National Engineering Research Center of Precision and Ultra-precision Machining, Research Center of Advanced Manufacturing Technology of Automotive Structural Parts of Ministry of Education, Beijing Key Laboratory of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Beijing Engineering Technology Research Center of Precision Measurement and Control Technology and Instrument, and Beijing Key Laboratory of Nonlinear Vibration and Strength of Mechanical Structure. Besides, there are also 4 research institutes, including Beijing Welding Equipment Research and Development Center, Electromechanical Technology Institute of BJUT, Engineering Numerical Simulation Center and Integrality of Pipeline Evaluation Center.

College of ME mainly consists of 3 first-level disciplines, including Mechanical Engineering, Mechanics, and Instrument Science and Technology, and has reached to a comprehensive coverage of various types of talents being trained-postdoctoral, PhD, master and bachelor students. In the college, there are 2 wide-scope undergraduate programs that include Mechanical Engineering and Automation, and Measurement and Control Technology and Instrument. Besides, there are 2 PhD degree authorization spots of first-level discipline-Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics, 1 master degree authorization spots of first-level discipline- Instrument Science and Technology, 2 postdoctoral flowing stations for scientific research- Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics, and 2 professional degree authorization fields- Mechanical Engineering and Instrumentation Engineering, together with 2 demonstration centers for teaching-National Experimental Demonstration Center of Engineering Mechanics for Teaching and Beijing Experimental Demonstration Center of Mechanical Engineering for Practical Teaching. Now, the college has more than 650 undergraduate students, and 700 PhD and master students.

College of ME insists on the strategy of building up a high-level strong college via scientific research. During the period of the 11th five-year-plan, it obtained a total of 156 million Yuan of research fund. Among the research and development of basic theories, applied and high technologies, the college has achieved more than 600 research projects, including the “863”, the National Natural Science Foundation, the National Science and Technology Support Program, the National Major Project, International Major Co-operation. Besides, it’s also gained lots of innovative theoretical methods and tech-applied results, for example, there’re a number of high-level monographs and textbooks published, a total of more than 1400 articles and papers published in famous academic journals at home and abroad and international high-level academic conferences, 450 items of granted patents, and more than 20 items of national, provincial and ministerial level awards such as National Invention Award and Science and Technology Progress Award.

College of ME is relying on Beijing, orienting itself to the whole country, adhering to  promote the national and regional socio-economic progress with the power of science and technology innovation, continuously strengthening the transformation from “key technology” to “product”, and now has formed initially a new pattern of production-study-research cooperation, which is “beginning from point to area, focusing on key points, complementing advantages from each other, and operating favoringly”. Currently, the college has set up a long-term close relationship of production-study-research cooperation with China Academy of Machinery Science and Technology (CAM), Beijing No.1 Machine Tool Plant, Beijing No.2 Machine Tool Plant, Beiren Printing Holdings Group, Beijing Instrument Industry Group, Beijing Benz Automotive Company, Beijing Innovation Association of Numerical Equipment (BIANE) and other enterprises.

College of ME vigorously promotes and supports teachers and students of all levels to study and exchange overseas, in the meantime, actively introduces foreign high-quality education resources, and builds up an international teaching platform. In recent years, it has conducted academic exchanges and visits and established a long-term cooperative relationship with many universities and institutions of foreign countries and regions such as Germany, the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, France, Hong Kong, Taiwan and so on.

After more than 10 years’ construction, College of ME has showed out strong advantages in the discipline of Advanced Manufacturing, and possessed strong abilities in research, development and high-level researchers’ training. At present, through reforms on the school management system, the college is energetically implementing the talent strategy and international strategy, highlighting its own advantages and characteristics, and making efforts to become one of the first-class famous colleges in the whole world. The college faculty members are altogether making a big stride towards the aim to construct a high-level characteristic College of ME!


Li Xiaoyang   Liu Zhaomiao   Long Lianchun   Qin Fei   Yang Qingsheng   Xiao-Dong Yang

Ye Hongling   Zhang Wei   Zhang Yiliang

2-Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation

Cai Ligang   Dongju Chen   Fan Jinwei   Guan Jialiang   Li Jianfeng   Wang Min

3-Instrument Science and Technology

Fu Sheng   He Cunfu   LIU Xiucheng   Zenghua Liu   Shi Zhaoyao   Wu Bin

4-Electromechanical Engineering

Chen Shujun   Jiang Xiaoqing   Nie Songlin   Song Yonglun   Wang Xinhua

Yang Jianwu   Xiaojun Zhang   YuMing Zhang

5-Mechanical Design and Theory

Li Desheng   Bendong Liu   Shang Deguang   Guoqin Sun   Donglai Xu    Yu Yueqing   Zhao Jing


College of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Electronics Technology