College of Transportation

College of Metropolitan Transportation, Beijing University of Technology, was inaugurated on December 2013. Facing with the demand of intelligentization and informatization in both national and Beijing transportation area, our college makes effort to become an innovative college through multi-disciplinary partnerships with outstanding teaching staff from Traffic Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Control Science and Engineering. The positioning of our college is tailing to the subject frontier, establishing a high-level research-oriented transport college with apparent subject features and openness. Discipline construction, talent cultivation, scientific research and social service in transportation area are main works of our college.

As the chairman committee of Traffic Engineering Education Committees in Ministry of Education, our college established the undergraduate program of Traffic Engineering in 1979, and it was one of the earliest establishments of this program. In 1981, we had the first master’s degree program of Traffic Engineering, and the right to grant master degree in Highway and Urban road Engineering. Traffic Engineering became key discipline of Beijing in 1994, and our Transportation Planning and Management discipline was the first group of being qualified of Doctoral Degree granting in 1996. A Post-Doctoral Research Center of Traffic Engineering was approved in 2009, and in 2010, a first class discipline Doctor Station of Traffic Engineering was founded.

Our college now has right to confer first class Master Degree and Doctor Degree of Traffic Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, and Control Science and Engineering. We have Intelligent Transportation System Department, Traffic Engineering Department, and Road and Rail Engineering Department. There are 48 teachers in our college with 23 professors, 13 associate professors, and 12 instructors. In the teaching staff, we have 15 doctoral supervisors, 1 who earn National Outstanding Youth Award, 2 in National Talents Project, 1 in Beijing Hundred Talents Project, 5 Distinguished Professors, and 3 experts of Haiju Project. With all these talents, we have already founded a multi-disciplinary, united, highly educated, young college with appropriate education related structure.

Our college has strong scientific research strength with 1 training base of National Key Laboratory, the Collaborative Innovation Center of World Smooth Traffic, and several key laboratories such as Beijing Traffic Engineering Key Laboratory, Multimedia and Intelligent Software Technology Key Laboratory, Beijing City Traffic Safety Engineering Technology Research Center and Traffic Industry Key Laboratory of Intelligent Transportation Key Technology. Beijing University of Technology singed a strategic agreement with Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission, and established College of Metropolitan Transportation, Beijing Transportation Research Center, Beijing Transportation Information Center, and branch center of Beijing Transportation Economize Fuel and Reduce Emission Center through the combination with fully resource sharing. The total area of our laboratories reaches 9000 square meters with apparatus worth 60.98 million Yuan. Among all these apparatus, there are 107 large equipments cost more than 100 thousand Yuan each.

From 2009 to 2013, our college received 209 million Yuan of scientific research funds. Through National Key Technologies R & D Program of China during the 9th Five-Year Plan Period and 10th Five-Year Plan, Science and Technology Support Project of 11th Five-Year Plan, Major State Basic Research Development Program of China (973 Program), National High Technology Research and Development Program of China (863 Program), National Natural Science Foundation of China, Beijing Natural Science Foundation, and other key research projects of Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Constructions and Beijing Municipal Government, We have made great contribution to solving Beijing traffic problems and reached the international and domestic leading level in the field of traffic simulation, capability of road transportation, traffic safety, traffic plan of special events, and characteristics of traffic behaviors. Our researches have reputations home and abroad and our research directions include transportation planning theories and methodology, road transportation safety theories and technologies, intelligent transportation and information perception, new road material and property.

The college has won 2 second awards for Nation Science Development, an outstanding award for China Highway and Transportation Society. We has won several awards for Provincial level and Ministerial level which include 11 first awards, 9 second awards and 9 third awards. Some of our works have been changed into new techniques, which were widely used on keeping safe on transportation during Beijing Olympic Games. These techniques also improved city construction and transportation development, which created huge economic benefits and social value.

College of Urban Transport will fully research the reference pilot college model of Ministry of Education. We will go on discovering a creative-centered management mode of “one college, two systems” where every department, institution and key laboratory will share the same operation system. Professors and students will pay every effort improving our college to be an advising center, a well-known national comprehensive research center of transportation at home and abroad, which affects the formulation of transportation policy and decision support of both Beijing and China.

Research Directions of the College of Urban Transport:
There are four main research directions of College of Metropolitan Transportationincluding traffic engineering, control science and engineering, highway and railway engineering, and internet of things technology.

Traffic engineering

Control science and engineering in intelligent transportation system

Highway and railway engineering

Multimedia technology, information perception of the internet of things, and intelligent information processing

Academic Leaders:

Yin Baocai Chen Yanyan Zhang Jinxi Chen Yangzhou



College of Transportation