Delegation of Loyola Marymount University Visited Beijing University of Technology

On the morning of October 26, Maureen Weatherall, deputy academic dean of Loyola Marymount University, Tina Choe, dean of the School of Science and Engineering, and another people visited Beijing University of Technology,andthevice president Qiao Junfei met with the delegation on behalf of the school,accompanied by the relevant persons in charge the International Exchange and Cooperation Office, the Department of Informatics and the International College.

The vice president Qiao Junfei extended a warm welcome to the delegation of the deputy academic deanMaureen Weatherall on behalf of the school and introduced the basic situation of Beijing University of Technology, the international development strategy and the relevant informationon the school’s selection of the Discipline Constructionof National “World-class Universities and World-class Disciplines”. He proposed that Beijing University of Technology is committed to expanding international cooperation networks through extensive and fruitful international exchanges, and promoting international talent training, construction of teaching staff and discipline construction. He hopes that the two universities can further discusscooperationsuch as future multi-level student exchanges and teacher visits after the delegation visited Beijing University of Technology for the first time.

The deputy academic deanMaureen Weatherallexpressed her gratitude for the warm reception of Beijing University of Technology and briefly introduced the discipline setting, student composition, internationalization strategy and goals of Loyola Marymount University. She said that increasing the proportion of students with overseas study experiences is one of the important international goals of Loyola Marymount University. She is very willing to cooperate with Beijing University of Technology in student exchanges and teacher exchanges.

The relevant persons in charge of the Department of Informatics and the International College gave a brief introduction to the situation of the department, the international project mode, and thescholarship program ofinternational students. The delegation visited the Integrated Circuit and Embedded SystemLaboratoryof the Department of Informaticsand the Institute of Multimedia Information Processing and Imaging Technology.

Founded in 1911, Loyola Marymount University is a top private university in the Western United States. According to the university ranking published by “U.S News & World Report”, LMU ranks second in the Western United States, and itsCinema College represents the top level in the United States. It ranked 49th in the 2011 America’s Master University Rankingof “Washington Monthly”and 74th in the College of Education, and LMU ranked 136th in 2011America’s Best Colleges of “Forbes”.