Delegation of National University of Ireland Cork Visited Beijing University of Technology

On October 22nd, John O’Halloran, Executive Vice President of the National University of Ireland Cork, visited the Beijing University of Technology together with another four people. The President Liu Gonghui met with the delegation on behalf of the school, accompanied by the Vice President Wu Bin and the relevant persons in charge of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office, the Office of Academic Affairs, the Department of Informatics and the School of Economics and Management.

The President Liu Gonghui extended a warm welcome to the Vice President John John O’Halloran delegation on behalf of the school. Then he introduced the basic information of Beijing University of Technology, the international development strategy and the relevant information on the school’s selection of the Discipline Construction of National “World-class Universities and World-class Disciplines”. He pointed out that since the establishment of cooperative relationship between both universities in 2015, they have started pragmatic cooperation in such aspects as the “external training program” for undergraduates and short-term exchange programs for students. They hope that both universities can further expand the depth and breadth of cooperation and enhance the visits and exchanges of teachers and academic research cooperation on the basis of continuing to carry out multi-level student exchanges to comprehensively deepen important partnership.

The Vice President John O’Halloran expressed his gratitude for the warm reception of Beijing University of Technology. He briefly introduced the latest development of the National University of Ireland Cork and its reforms and adjustments in terms of such aspects as subject setting, training programs and curriculum systems. He said that the National University of Ireland Cork is willing to carry out cooperation with various levels and types with Beijing University of Technology in student exchanges, scientific research cooperation, and short and long-term training for teachers.

Formerly known as Queens College in 1845, University College Cork is one of the oldest universities in Ireland. Located in Cork, Ireland’s second largest city, University College Cork currently has approximately 15,000 students, including 12,200 undergraduates and 2,800 graduate students. In addition, it also has 3,000 faculty members and 800 full-time teaching staff. University College Cork is a leader in scientific research in Ireland, and it has eight colleges: Faculty of Humanities, the Celtic Research Institute, the Business School, the Law School, the College of Science, the Food Science Academy, the School of Engineering, and the School of Medicine.