Department of Physical Education

Since the foundation of BJUT, Department of Physical Education (DPE) has been the important institute of developing school sports, and played an important role in the modern physical education practices.

DPE has a high-level teaching faculty with a total of 37 staff, including 34 full-time teachers and 3 teaching assistants. At present, it has 2 professors and 17 associate professors, 1 of whom has Ph.D., 18 Master’s degrees. Besides, there are a lot of excellent teachers, among whom 6 were entitled Beijing young and middle-aged backbone teachers, 1 international umpire, 2 national umpires and 26 national-level umpires, and the teaching faculty won such honors as Beijing Excellent Teaching Team and Beijing Selected Textbook.

DPE actively builds the four-in-one platform of teaching, training, group sports and scientific research and the developing model of taking physical teaching as the main line, the construction of advanced sports and social sports competition as the complementary. Besides, it implements comprehensive cultivation and development of popularization and improvement and the inner-exterior combination of class and school.

The teaching range of DPE comprises of 17 compulsory courses, covering football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, swimming, tennis, ping-pong, martial arts, taekwondo, bodybuilding, yoga, aerobics, physical rituals, Rhythmic Gymnastics, sports dance, athletics and health care. It also sets such many elective courses as basketball umpire learning, ping-pong, tennis and aerobics etc..

DPE organizes extracurricular physical exercise which gives priority to athletic club and athletic association, like different sports association and four divisions, and takes sports competition and sunshine sports as complementary, including city-level competitions in Beijing, ‘Gongda Cup’ of school-level spring and autumn competitions, school-level spring sports meeting and autumn interesting sports meeting and college sports meeting. In addition, it also successfully held such national and international competitions as East Asia Futsal match, National University Badminton Match and Sino American Basketball Match etc.

In recent years, a great progress in scientific research has been made by DPE, who has published 20 papers in PE core journals, 5 books and 30 paper presentations on different levels and directions. It also has won honors including 4 patents for sports equipments, 20 school-level, municipal-level and national-level subjects and the first prize on PPT competition of the MOE etc..

Rooted in Beijing and orienting itself to China, DPE insists on promoting the overall sports with the development of high-level sports team, strengthening the transformation from ‘municipal level’ to ‘national level’, and emphasizes on the developing model of combining sports and education——‘pointing to an area, highlighting the focal point, complementing advantages, developing comprehensively’. At present, it sets up 7 high-level teams related to 5 sports of basketball, badminton, swimming, futsal and volleyball, which have made good performances in many municipal-level and national-level competitions in recent years. The swimming team won the ‘President Cup’ of three consecutive University Games of the PRC. The badminton team won the team championship and the men’s doubles champion in the 18th China University Badminton Championship, the ‘dark horse’ of men’s basketball team reaching the semi-finals of CUBA.

After years of development, DPE has already shown obvious advantages in the perspective of physical teaching, training and scientific research, and gains the ability to work on scientific research and cultivate high-level talents in physical practice and theory. At present, through the school management system reform, DPE implements talent strategy energetically, highlighting its own advantages and specialties, striving to improve the educational level of DPE. All the teachers of DPE work hand in hand to fulfill the aim of being a department of advanced level with its uniqueness.



Department of Physical Education