Institute of Microstructure and Property of Advanced Materials

The institute of microstructure and properties of advanced materials (IMPAM) was established by Prof. Zhang Ze, academician of Chinese Academy of Science and famous physicist in 2003.12 based on the Microscopy Analysis and Test Center of BJUT. IMPAM is a integrated research body of multidisciplinary basic and applied research, analysis services, and postgraduate training. The IMPAM takes microstructural characterizations of materials as starting points, so as to reveal relationship between microstructure and physical / chemical properties of materials and to support further applications with basic sciences. The research directions of IMPAM include materials science, condensed matter physics, as well as nanoscience and nanotechnology. IMPAM works as an advanced open research platform, an important research base, and a high-end talent training base in BJUT. Beijing Key Laboratory of Microstructure and Properties of Solids was certified in 2012 with IMPAM as its main body.

There are 23 teachers and researchers in IMPAM, among whom there are one academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, two winners of “China National Fund for Distinguished Young Scientists”, two “Cheung Kong Scholar” professors, one “New Century Talents Project” national candidate, two Beijing Distinguished Professors, five doctoral tutor, thirteen masteral instructor, thirteen people with senior professional titles, twelve people with doctor’s degree. Therefore, a rational structure of academic echelon is formed in IMPAM with Prof. ZHANG Ze as the leader.
Major Research Directions and Features:

01 Research and Development of Advanced Microscopy Techniques, Equipment, and Instruments

02 Multiscale Research on Relationship of Microstructure and Performances in Advanced Materials

03 Research and Development of new materials, new devices, and new applications



Institute of Microstructure and Property of Advanced Materials