Internet + Lighting Summit Forum was held successfully at BJUT

On December 3rd, 2015, Internet+ Lighting Summit Forum was formally held in the International Exchange Center at BJUT. This forum, guided by the Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission (BMSTC), Beijing Municipal Commission for the Economy and Information Technology (BMCEIT) and the Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park (ACZSP), was hosted by BJUT Academy of Wisdom City (AWC) and Tsinghua Holdings Human Settlements Environment Institute (THHSEI). Dean Rong Haolei of THHSEI presided with near 400 delegates from over 220 industry-academic institutes and enterprises in the fields of Internet+ Lighting.

The Made in China 2025 Strategy focuses attention on manufacturing power, and includes five major projects such as intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing. Moreover, projects such as intelligent lighting, intelligent controls and energy efficiency and environmental protection have also been brought into view as key development tasks. This suggests that the integration and innovation of the Internet, big data and lighting areas, and the transformation and upgrading of the lighting industry are imperative. This forum had in-depth discussions around the theme of “Internet+ Lighting, making the city wiser,” aiming to promote the collaborative innovation of governmentally driven product research and application with the integrated development of the Internet+ Lighting industry.

Vice President Nie Zuoren delivered a speech in this forum. He emphasized that Internet+ Lighting is an important part of constructing Wisdom City. This forum showed great significance in giving full play to the disciplinary advantages of universities and promoting transformation of science & technology achievements, and it should be developed into a branded demonstration platform for the exchange and cooperation of institutionally driven product research and development.

Zhang Tao, Deputy Director of Zhongguancun Management Committee, highlighted the importance of the combination of big data analysis and excavation in promoting and achieving industrial innovation. BMSTC researcher Huang Hongliang identified Internet+ Lighting, especially the interrelation and interaction of landscape lighting, as being in line with the development trends of the 13th Five Year Plan, and that it was important for the integration of science, technology and culture. Wang De, Deputy Director of the Electronic Information Office in BMCEIT, pointed out that the development goals of Internet+ Lighting fit the BMCEIT’s industrial policy of cultivating talents very well.

Lin Shaofu, Executive Dean from Beijing Institute of Smart City in BJUT, Rong Haolei, Dean of The Tsinghua Holdings Human Settlements Environment Institute (THHSEI), Lei Yuyun, President of Zhong Yi Wu Lian Co. Ltd., Huang Zhangqin, Associate Dean of BJUT and Prof. Yang Fangqin from Fudan University each provided keynote addresses.

In this forum, delegates raised a Call for Action for establishing four platforms and promoting four projects, which will further improve the integration of Internet thinking and the lighting industry.

Before the forum, Liu Gonghui, president of BJUT held a reception for Zhang Tao, Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park and other leading attendees as well as some experts from the field of Internet+ Lighting.