Leaders from State Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs and Beijing Municipal Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs investigate in BJUT

March 23rd, a group consisting of deputy director of State Bureau of Foreign Expert Affairs, Zhou Changkui and director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs, Cheng Jingang held a forum on international co-operation at BJUT.

170324-外专局调研 (2)

At the symposium, President Liu Gonghui welcomed the group and outlined BJUT’s recent progress, stating that BJUT will become stronger and more internationalized during the “13th Five-Year Plan” and with the support of the Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs, BJUT will receive more international talents.

Peng Yongzhen, the academician working on “Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei regional environmental pollution control research base”, reported the construction progress, the scientific cooperation and the achievements of 2016, and the plan for 2017, along with the team construction.


Deputy director Zhou Changkui expressed appreciation to BJUT and pledged to provide better services for BJUT in creating a “Double First-class” university.

After the symposium, the group visited the base and the Laboratory of Solid State Microstructure.