Nine BJUT Online Courses in National Professional Postgraduate Engineering Education Program Approved

Different online curriculum construction projects were announced recently by the National Educational Guidance Committee for the Postgraduate of Engineering (NEGCPE).Among them, nine were conducted in BJUT.

The purpose of online curriculum construction is to enhance the sharing of high-quality educational resources, develop multi-participation in diversified courses, and to improve the teaching levels of the specialized postgraduates in national engineering.


No. College Name Title Courses Main Ranges of Application Class of Project
1 Software Engineering He Jingsha Professor Network and Information Safety Software engineering Key Construction Project
2 Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Yang Qingsheng Professor Mechanics of Composite Materials Mechanical, Material, Civil Engineering Key Self-Construction Project
3 Life Sciences & Bio-Engineering Yang Chunlan Associate Professor Biomedical Image Programming Technology Biomedical Engineering Key Self-Construction Project
4 Foreign Languages Shao Hui Lecturer Engineering Academic English for postgraduates based on CBI Theory and Flipped Classroom Engineering fields in BJUT Key Self-Construction Project
5 Architecture & Civil Engineering Ji Jinbao Experimentalist Finite Elements basis and Software Application Architecture and Civil Engineering Key Self-Construction Project
6 Laser Engineering Chen Hong Assistant Researcher Safety and Radiation Protection of Laser Products Optical Engineering Key Self-Construction Project
7 Applied Sciences Yang Aijun Lecturer Mathematical Statisticsand Random Process Mechanical Engineering, etc. Key Self-Construction Project
8 Environmental & Energy Engineering Wang Zhan Lecturer Membrane Science and Technology Chemical, Environmental Engineering Key Self-Construction Project
9 Architecture & Civil Engineering Li Yongmei Associate Professor Concrete Structure Finite Element Analysis and Application Architecture and Civil Engineering Key Self-Construction Project