PengYongzhen, Dai Hongxing and Bin Guangyu listed in 2015 Elsevier Most-Cited Chinese Researchers List

Elsevier recently released its online Most-Cited Chinese Researchers List for 2015. Three professors from BJUT appeared on the list: Professor Peng Yongzhen from the College of Environmental and Energy Engineering; Professor Dai Hongxing for Chemical Engineering; and Bin Guangyu, from the College of Life Science, for Biomedical Engineering.

Most Cited Researchers are researchers who have high cited numbers of their published essays, with themselves being the first author or corresponding author in Chinese mainland. Being selected in the List of Most-Cited Chinese Researchers means that they have great influence on their own research fields, or their research findings have contributed significantly to their fields of studies.

2015 Elsevier Most Cited Chinese Researchers List is based on criteria developed by the Shanghai Ranking Consultancy and the cited statistics can be viewed as a systematic analysis on the global influence of Chinese researchers.

Awarding outstanding researchers with academic success has become important as  China’s influence and status in international research field strengthens. The Most Cited Chinese Researchers List of last year was reviewed and updated, with1744 Chinese researchers were publicly identified for their excellence.

Data for the 2015 Most Cited Chinese Researchers List comes from the Scopus Database of Elsevier. Scopus is the world’s largest peer-reviewed academic index database since it provides a huge amount of scientific research data related to literature, authors and research institutes and makes the analysis and evaluation of Chinese researchers’ global influence possible.