President Liu Gonghui Led A Delegation to Attend the Annual Meeting of European Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and Gave A Keynote Speech

On October 17, 2018, the Annual Meeting of European Small and Medium-sized Enterprises was grandly held at the Katowice International Exchange Center in Silesia, Poland. The President and Professor Liu Gonghui led a delegation including the relevant persons in charge of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office, the Office of Academic Affairs, Beijing-Dublin International College and Confucius Institute Politechnika Opolska to attend the meeting.

At Sino-Polish Technology Development Cooperation Forum of the Annual Meetingof European Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, the President Liu was invited to deliver a keynote speech on “International View, National View and Regional View of Universities”. In his speech, the President Liu reviewed the evolution of universities and the development course of university functions,contrasted and analyzed the common characteristics between the universities in the Sino-Polish University Consortium, and proposed that universities should establish a correct theory on school management of “international view, national view and regional view”. In addition,the President Liu also pointed out that universities should be committed to cultivating innovative and professional talents, actively engaging in regional social and economic development, serving the national major strategic implementation and making contributions to the co-construction and prosperity of the human civilization community. The President Liu’s speech received enthusiastic response and wide recognition from experts and scholars present at the meeting.

In recognition of the outstanding contribution made by our school in this annual meeting, the Annual Meeting of European Small and Medium-sized Enterprises awarded Beijing University of Technology a Cooperation Contribution Award and awarded a medal.