President of HPI(Germany) Christoph Meinel visits BJUT

On March 19th, HPI President Professor Christoph Meinel and Senior Researcher Professor Cheng Feng, visited BJUT. Deputy Party Secretary and President Liu Gonghui and Vice President Wu Bin met with the delegation with related personnel of the International Office and Faculty of Information Technology in attendance.

President Liu Gonghui welcomed President Christopher Meinel, and thanked President Christopher Meinel for the outstanding contribution he has made to BJUT’s talents training, faculty exchanges and other aspects throughout the past 16 years . Earlier this year, BJUT seized the opportunity of the restructuring of Beijing’s economy and established the Beijing Institute of Artificial Intelligence, thus creating a new platform for mutual cooperation. He expressed the hope that both sides will strengthen academic exchange among scientific personnel and promote pragmatic cooperation by following the development trend of the information society and the construction needs of intelligent cities.

President Christopher Meinel thanked President Liu Gonghui for the warm reception. He expressed the hope that the two sides will deepen and expand their fields of cooperation in years to come.

Following the meeting, the academic report titled “the next Generation Network Security Analysis platform” was delivered by President Christopher Meinel to the faculty and students of the Faculty of Information Technology.