Presidents’ Union from Institutes of Technology in Poland Visits BJUT

On November 18, 12 representatives of the President’s Union from 5 technology institutes in Poland visited BJUT. They included Marek Tukiendorf, Union Vice Chairman and President of Opole University of Technology, Tadeusz Więckowski, Honorary Union Chair, Tomasz Łodygowski, Union Vice Chairman and President of Lech Poznan University of Technology; Cezary Madryas, president of Wroclaw University of Technology; Arkadiusz Franciszek Mężyk, President of Silesia University of Technology; Andrzej RyszardPach, Vice President of AGH University of Science and Technology. Zheng Jichun, Chairman of the University Council and President Liu met with the Union representatives. Related personnel of Academic Affairs Office, Graduate School, International Office, and College of International Education attended the meeting.

Chairman Zheng Jichun, extended his warm welcome toward the union’s visit and gave a general introduction to BJUT, especially its recent achievements in scientific research and breakthrough in QS ranking.

President Marek Tukiendorf thanked BJUT for supporting Opole Confucius Institutes.

President Tomasz Łodygowski hoped that based on the deep cooperation between Opole University of Technology and BJUT, more institutes of technology in Poland would cooperate with BJUT.

President Liu noted that based on 10—year—cooperation between Opole University of Technology and BJUT, high-end scientific platform and united laboratory should be established. In this way, more friendly collaborations with institutes of technology in Poland are set up.

After deep-going communication,BJUT signed a memorandum of cooperation with Lech Poznan University of Technology, Silesia University of Technology,Silesia University of Technology,Wroclaw University of Technology and AGH University of Science and Technology.

Having signed exchange and cooperation agreements with Silesia University of Technology, Czech Technical University in Prague and Mendel University in Brno, Czech Republic, BJUT values the cooperation with universities in Eastern Europe, starting a new chapter in international development.

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