Project from College of Life Sciences & Bio-Engineering Granted by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

A research proposal “Development of Uterine Electrohysterogram System to Predict Preterm Labor for Routine Clinical Use” by Beijing University of Technology, in cooperation with Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Anglia Ruskin University and Beijing Yes Medical Devices Co., received approval for over US $400,000 of funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Following a stringent appraisal process, their research proposal will receive seed funding under the Gates Foundation’s ‘Grand Challenges’ initiative for breakthrough science, with the opportunity for a further US$2.5 million in follow-up funding if initial research is successful.

Grand Challenges of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is a series of combinations driven by innovation, aims at unlocking the possibility inside every individual and improving the quality of life for individuals around the world.

The team of BJUT takes advantage of scientific institutions (BJUT & Anglia Ruskin University), the best clinical trial base in China (Peking Union Medical College Hospital) and professional company of gynaecology and obstetrics equipment (Beijing Yes Medical Devices Co), making the research group competitive to gain the fund. The Gates Foundation considered their hypertension monitoring system to be an innovative and unique platform for collaboration and resource-pooling, with high potential for future industrialization.