Reunion: The Return of BJUT Alumni

On October 17th,the 55thanniversary ceremony of BJUT was held. Nearly 1500 alumni came back to the campus, recalling their past memories here and sharing the changes and the quickly passing years.


Before 9 am, many alumni had arrived at the sign-in desk in front of the auditorium. Some of them were recent graduates; some were the middle-aged forces of society; some were white-haired. No matter what their ages, health or social status, they shared the same excitement deep in their heart. Time passed by quickly. Many of them can hardly recall the names of their former classmates. But excitements and laughter could not be contained when they called their names.


 “The monitor told me that today is the 55thanniversary of my alma mater, then I came back.”— Alumni Friendship.

An alumni, who graduated from the CEM in 1999 and came from Chongqing said, “12 years have passed since my last visit here. After graduation, I have been working far from here, with less contact with my former classmates, let alone my alma mater. Being informed by one of my former classmates of this big day, I had to come back.”

Speaking of their teachers, almost all alumni who graduated in 1963 would refer to former President Zhu Xuezhao. “He is really knowledgeable and modest. Faculty members with the title of department head usually had a special canteen, but Mr. Zhu always ate with our students. He is really nice.” Jiang Wanlong, a graduate from the Department of Mechanics said with passion, “Once Mr. Zhu visited the Physics Lab, he refused to allow the assistant to turn on the light, because he didn’t want to interrupt our experiments.” Zhu Lingwen, an alumnus from the Department of Chemical Engineering, added, “For the purpose of the development of our country, Mr. Zhu went to Belgium to learn architecture. After he returned back, he took the task of designing the Great Hall of the People. The design of the swimming pool in our university was also his work. He even donated all the money he earned abroad to our university.”

Du Run graduated in 1961. During the interview, his eyes were teary when speaking about the teachers. After sorting out his emotions, he said, “When I studied here, I was an excellent student. At that time, Fan Gongxiu, the Academic Dean, would talk to me every time he saw me during his walk. He was a good teacher and contributed a lot to the construction of our university’s system construction and spirit development.”Though having graduated for so long, he could still remember the names of every department and many teachers. He will never forget the time he spent here and the influence BJUT had exerted on him. Every anniversary, he would come back and express his sincere thanks to BJUT.

Lu Rongling and two other classmates talked about times when they would sing together.  They used to love singing and music. They often sang with their roommates and joined the Chorus. Now, they still kept their passion of singing, and they even agreed to sing sometime later.


“All these memories have been etched deeply in my heart, accompanying me getting older and older.”—Memories of Youth.

Zuo Kaili, a graduate from the Department of Mechanics in 1963, recalled her memories of a summer holiday in BJUT. At that time they spent almost every moment in the outdoor swimming pool.

Liu Qian, a graduate from the Department of Materials in 1992 said, “What impressed me most was watching movies in the auditorium.”

“The deepest impression was cooking noodles on an electric stove at night, with power furtively connected from the toilet”, said Zhang Peng, who graduated from Metal Material and Heat Treatment Department in 1995.

When recalling the past memories in the university, Cui Xueyu had much to say, “In the university, we had lots of courses. But we usually helped each other with study. Those who were free that day would help those who had to sit in classes and went to the dining room and bought food for others. In our spare time, our activities were mainly near the university, and the furthest we traveled was to Xidan.”He also said, “Every weekend, the No. 52 Bus would be full of our students. That was really splendid. But now, the transportation is much better, and many buses and subways are available to take students anywhere.”

Sun Hongping, a graduate from the Department of Mechanical Manufacturing in 1988 recalled his time of working hard here. “Though we studied for the whole day, we still went to the library or teaching building to study at night, until the lights went out.”

Cai Dejing, a graduate from the Department of Mechanical Manufacturing in 1971 talked about spending leisure time in sports like basketball, volleyball, and swimming, as well as their games and awards in sports at that time.

“I enrolled in 2007. I participated in many volunteer jobs, including the 2008 Olympic Games and China’s60thAnniversaryin 2009. I also went to Germany as an international volunteer”, said Dong Yan, a graduate from CEICE in 2011. “I spend most of my spare time in volunteer activities. It makes my life more colorful.”


“Having not been here for 20 years, I can hardly recognize it. There are many great changes!”— Focus on BJUT’s Development.

Du Run said, “When I studied here, there was only one teaching building, one canteen and an auditorium, and only 6 departments.”

Zhang Yanjun, a graduate from the Department of Material Science in 1995, recalled, “There was only one narrow road outside the university, with a vegetable field in the south. But now, it has been replaced by so many buildings.”

Zhang Peng said, “I lived in the Dormitory No.3. At that time, there was no road outside the west gate, only a small gravel road along the northern gate.”

Cui Xueyu, a graduate from CACE in 1996, said that they often talked with classmates about the changes of BJUT; however, they didn’t come back very often. He was really impressed by the new buildings.

Sun Hongping also paid much attention to the development of BJUT. He said, “I am always concerned about the news of BJUT, including its area, appearance and teaching policies, etc. I heard there is a “2+2” project, with 2 years studying here and 2 years abroad. That is quite good.”

These interviewees also included those who graduated in 2005 and 2007. All of them will always show concern for our university.


“Study hard and cherish your time here.”—Wishes for later ones.

To participate in this anniversary, Chen Weixian, a graduate in 2000, came from Hangzhou. This was his first time returning after graduation. His wishes for BJUT students are, “In the university, students should always be concerned for their moral quality and abilities of social communication. That is quite important in the work field. And if one wants to engage in scientific research, learning the industry dynamics and new technology is necessary.”

Sun Hongping introduced the basic qualities of graduates based on the employment situation. He mentioned, “Nowadays, the number of graduates is increasing exponentially every day. Enterprises need graduates who can transfer their knowledge into practice. Practice counts.”

Du Run mentioned that the honor of BJUT was dependent on every BJUT student.  Students in this university used to be diligent and hardworking. He hoped that this spirit would be inherited and should be used to promote students to success.

Jiang Wanlong highlighted that students here should feel proud of BJUT. They need to believe in themselves, seek knowledge in a down-to-earth way and behave well in the university.

As nightfall came, the campus regained its quietness., the alumni left the campus reluctantly by saying goodbye to each other. We are looking forward to the next reunion here!