Teachers and Students from the Institute of Laser Engineering of BJUT Participated and Reported in an International Conference of U.S.A

PhD students Tan Fangzhou, Feng Chao, and graduate student Yao Qian from the Institute of Laser Engineering of BJUT attended the International Laser Engineering Association’s PHOTONICS WEST 2016 in San Francisco from Feb 13th to 18th.

The SPIE PHOTONICS WEST is the most authoritative and largest conference in the international world of Laser Engineering. This year there were more than 30 000 experts in the field of Laser Engineering from all over the world attended. More than 5000 high-level academic papers were submitted to this conference. The American Western Photovoltaic Exhibition held concurrently is the largest optical products trade fair in North America, and the most well-known exhibition in the field of optoelectronic industry. This year, more than 1300 optical product exhibitors attended from all over the world.

This year’s PHOTONICS WEST was segregated into three sections: Traditional optics (Opto), Laser technology (Laser) and Biological optics (Bios). Three graduates from the Institute of Laser Engineering of BJUT reported their studies in all the three parts of this conference. In recent years, the international optical research in Institute of Laser Engineering in BJUT has reached the international level.