The Construction of National Engineering Laboratory of Industry Large Data Application Technology is Approved


Recently, BJUT’s application for construction of the “National Engineering Laboratory of Industry Large Data Application Technology” was approved. This is an important step in the construction of a national scientific research base after receiving approval of “National Engineering Laboratory of Treatment and Resource Utilization Technology of Urban Wastewater”.

Promoting the transformation of the mode of economic development is the focal point of the laboratory. Through the improvement of technological innovation in the field of large data, the laboratory will integrate innovation resources, strengthen the academic-industrial-research co-operation, enable breakthroughs in key common technology and promote the rapid development of large data industry, providing impetus for the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries.

The school will take the national engineering laboratory construction as an opportunity to focus on the major needs of the country. By continuing innovation and transformation in key technologies, this will enhance the capabilities of related industries. The base will be constructed into an important platform for talent cultivation and discipline development of BJUT, cultivating a group of leaders as the backbone of scientific research of BJUT.