The Founding Conference of the BJUT Alumni Association Transportation Industry Branch and the Launching Ceremony for the “Ren Futian” Transportation Scholarship

On December 25th 2014, the Founding Conference of the BJUT Alumni Association Transportation Industry Branch (AATIB) and the Launching Ceremony for the “Ren Futian” Transportation Scholarship were held successfully in Jianguo Hotel,Beijing. This conference was presided over by Wang Wenjie, the Secretary of the Party Committee of the College of Metropolitan Transportation (CMT) with attendees including Vice President Zhang Ailin, Jin Feng Director of the International Cooperation and Liaison Office, Yin Baocai CMT Dean and over 200 alumni of the Transportation Industry Branch across the country.

In this conference, Wong Jiancheng, the Deputy Secretary of CMT Party Committee and Deputy Dean, reported the preparatory work to the attendees on behalf of the reparatory group of AATIB. The conference passed The Regulations of BJUT Alumni Association Transportation Industry and the Name List of the First Board Members. Mr. Ren Futian was elected as the Chairman and 9 other outstanding alumni from the transportation field were selected as vice chairmen.

Ren Futian, the founder of the transportation discipline of BJUT, Lu Yingfang Deputy Director of the Village Construction Department of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Jin Feng, Director of the International Cooperation and Liaison Office and Yin BaocaI, CMT Dean together unveiled the nameplate of this Alumni Branch.

The Vice President Zhang Ailin expressed his congratulations forthe launching of the Transportation Industry Branch. Majors of Bridge, Traffic and Civil Engineering, as the first batch of Traffic Engineering majors, had cultivated over 2000 outstanding graduates for the society. Alumni of the transportation industry from home and abroad have also made a number of achievements. They have won praises for their Alma Mater by working for the socialist modernization and played an important role in promoting the scientific development of the transportation industry. The founding of this branch provided all alumni with a platform where they could share information and enhance cooperation between each other. President Zhang also called for Alumni to pay close attention to BJUT, support her development and strive for a better future for BJUT as well as the transportation field in China.


The Launching Ceremony of “Ren Futian” Transportation Scholarship and the first BJUT Transportation Alumni Forum were held right after this founding conference.

Mr. Ren Futian has been contributing greatly to the construction of the BJUT Traffic Engineering discipline over the past 30 years. He witnessed its development from scratch to an established brand of BJUT. After retirement, Mr. Ren is still concerned about the development of BJUT and its Traffic discipline. He donated 1 million RMB to the BJUT Education Foundation and established the “Ren Futian” Scholarship to support talent cultivation, innovation and educational development of CMT. This shows his continued devotion to the educational career and traffic discipline.

In the ceremony, Vice President Zhang Ailin signed the Donation Agreement with Mr. Ren Futian and awarded him the Donation Certificate. Director Jin Feng received the donated check from Mr. Ren.


The founding of BJUT AATIB indicates a big step for BJUT in strengthening the connections between alumni and optimizing the founding of the Alumni Association. It is a new starting point for CMT’s development. CMT, as the only innovative research pilot college in BJUT, will enhance its connections with all alumni, promote and develop its spirit of unity and innovation, and collect all forces to seek development.