The Pilot College of Beijing University of Technology

As one of the earliest established colleges of BJUT, the Pilot College of Beijing University of Technology, was founded in 1993. With the mission to conduct/carry out theoretical and experimental research on some difficult and hot issues of China’s higher education reform including education purpose, cultivation mode, administrative system and mechanism, specialty setup and so forth, the college earned the approval from the State Education Commission and was given a unique admission code. Beijing University of Technology Tong Zhou Branch, which was established in 1984, is a higher vocational college under the administration of Beijing municipal government. With the strong support of Beijing Municipal Education Commission, Beijing University of Technology, and the government of Tong Zhou district, the Pilot College of Beijing University of Technology and Beijing University of Technology Tong Zhou Branch were integrated (combined) together, functioning as a bridge between BJUT and Tong Zhou district, and serving as a window and base of BJUT contributing to the economic and social development of Tong Zhou district, and striving to play a think tank for Tong Zhou’s economic growth and social progress.

Situated at the east end of Beijing Chang-an Avenue and the headstream of the ancient Grand Canal, the Pilot College is a multi-disciplinary college integrating engineering, management, and law. The college consists of six distinctive departments and one department of basic subjects, namely, Information Engineering Department, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Department, Construction and Environmental Engineering Department, Economic Management Department, Information Management Department, Department of Literature and Law, and Department of Basic Courses. It has eight key undergraduate majors including computer science and technology, electronic information engineering, civil engineering, international economics and trade, accounting, information management and information system, business administration and law majors, together with ten higher vocational specialties including computer information and management, network system management, marketing, international economics and trade, accounting computerization, automobile application technology, industrial and commercial administration, tourism management, secretarial majors, and architectural engineering technology.

The college boasts a reasonably structured high-level faculty. Currently it has about 320 teaching and administrative staff, of which 140 are full-time teachers. It encourages teachers to do scientific research on the basis of social practice and participate in the construction of local economic and social development comprehensively. In cooperation with some related Tong Zhou governmental departments, the Pilot College set up seven research bases, including Tong Zhou Economic Development Research Base, Tong Zhou Social Construction Research Guidance Center, Cultural Industry Production-Study-Research Cooperation Research Center, Legal Aid Volunteers Service Station, Leaders Training Base, Experimental Teaching Training Base and Center for Entrepreneurial Studies of pilot college of BJUT. Based on practical requirements of local economy and society, these research bases make emphatic study to serve for local economic and social development comprehensively and contribute positively to the construction of Tong Zhou district as the urban sub-center of Beijing, laying a strong foundation for BJUT’s service and contribution to Tong Zhou district.

The college focuses on strengthening the cooperation of production, education and research, emphasizing the cultivation of morality, and highlighting practical ability. The new pattern of industry-university-research cooperation, namely, “diverse cooperation, prominent emphasis, complementary advantages, healthy operation” has gradually taken initial shape. Currently, the college has established long-term close industry-university-research cooperation relations with AMD, Datang Telecom, Beijing Control Technology, Beijing Yuxing software co., Ltd etc. It is worth mentioning that “Beijing University of Technology—Beijing Yuxing software co., Ltd Off-campus Practice Base” has been approved to be the state-level off-campus practice base.

The college implements excellent engineer education and explores new paths of engineering education and vocational education. Electronic information engineering specialty is selected into Excellence Engineers Education Program of Education Ministry. As an important measure of international collaboration in Excellence Engineers Education Program of BJUT, “China-France excellence engineer class (China-France class)”, the fruit of the cooperation between BJUT China and EFREI France, was established in Pilot College with the aim to foster outstanding engineers with international visions.

The college vigorously promotes and supports various levels of overseas study and exchange programs for students and teachers. Meanwhile, it positively brings in high-quality overseas education resources and builds international teaching platform. The college has established cooperation with Nanyang Technological University Singapore and EFREI University France, offering good chances for students to get access to overseas education and practice.
Nowadays, a comparatively perfect teaching and scientific research facilities and public service system are available in the college. The campus covers an area of more than 230 mu, with a total floorage of about 62000 square meters. Its main buildings such as comprehensive lab building, teaching building, office building, modern teaching technology building, and library are pragmatic in style. The college has advanced teaching facilities like computer networks, multi-media classrooms, and e-reading rooms. It owns professional laboratories regarding electronic engineering, network engineering, civil engineering, accounting, computerization, e-commerce and moot court. It is equipped with facilities like bright dormitories and spacious canteens. It has excellent sports areas such as an indoor pool, a gym, a tae-kwon-do gymnasium, a synthetic rubber sports track field, and bleachers with sunshade which are capable of hosting high-level sports games. A tranquil and beautiful campus environment offers a favorable condition for students’ learning and life and creates a perfect atmosphere for students to study hard.

The college attaches importance to fostering its campus culture and students’ associations. Various associations like the culture association, the English club, the psychological club, the social practice group, press corps, the photography group, science and technology association, athletic association, painting and calligraphy association and music association have been founded, offering students a stage for their distinctive individual development.

Since the founding in 1993, the Pilot college of BJUT has cultivated more than 10000 graduates for all fields of economic and social development of Beijing, who are now the dominant force in all walks of life. Through 21 years of painstaking efforts, the Pilot College of BJUT is growing to become the cultivation base for applied innovative talents. However, ahead of us is still an immense responsibility to undertake and a long way to go. Guided by the university motto and motivated by the college dream, all the faculty members and students are striving to build a people-oriented, practical-minded, morality-emphasized, science-advocated, practice-centered college with a healthy and progressive atmosphere.



The Pilot College of Beijing University of Technology