BJUT Welcomes 6,800+ New Students of 2020

2020 presents many challenges and yet embraces enormous vitalities. On September 8, the enrollment and registration of 2020 new students kick-started and progressed at the Pingleyuan Campus and Tongzhou Campus. After weathering the battle against COVID-19, 6,800+ new students across the country officially joined BJUT, including undergraduates, postgraduates, and Ph.D. students.

Xie Hui,Secretary of CPC BJUT Committee, Liu Gonghui, Deputy Secretary of CPC BJUT Committee & President of the University, Wu Bin and Guo Fu, Vice Presidents, Li Guojun and Wang Pu, President Assistants, came to welcome the new students at the registration site and greeted to the teachers, staff and student volunteers who participated the registration.

Under the general requirements of regular epidemic prevention and control, all faculties (colleges) and relevant administrative departments should follow the deployment requirements of BJUT Student’s Return Schedule to guarantee the safety and stability of the new student registration. Shuttle buses, luggage ferry bus and baggage handling services were provided to the new students, which have been well received among them and their parents. At the main intersections of the two campus, volunteers served at the newcomer guidance sties, providing luggage storage and consultation services.Security personnel were properly organized to maintain order and ease the traffic congestion. In addition, the university also opened a "green channel" to secure the enrollment of students with financial difficulties.

Due to the epidemic prevention and control,family and friends of the new students could not enter the campus,under this special circumstance,the university collaborated with the CCTV show Vioce to livestream the registration at the two campus on over 10 online platforms, including BJUT’s official microblog and

60 Years of Youth, 60 Years of Brilliance! May 2020 new BJUTers begin their new glorious university life and make it the best version of youth!