BJUT Repeats the Feats in Engineering Education Accreditation

The China Engineering Education Accreditation Association officially announced the decision of 2019 Engineering Education Accreditation where a total of 402 programs are accredited across HEIs nationwide. Two programs of BJUT, i.e. information security and traffic engineering are accredited with a 6-year validity. The traffic engineering program has passed the accreditation for the second time.

Program accreditation is where BJUT implements the talent training concept of “student-centered, outcome-oriented and continuous improvement”, effectively promotes the reform of education and teaching, and builds a high-level talent training system. Recently, in combination with the revision of the undergraduate talent training program in 2020, BJUT has further strengthened the awareness of talent training standards. Guided by the national standards for category-specific quality of teaching, it has made great efforts to formulate training objectives and requirements for graduation of each program within the university following program evaluation and accreditation standards.

Engineering education accreditation is an internationally accepted quality assurance system for engineering education, and also an important basis for international mutual recognition of engineering education and engineer qualification. As China becomes a full member of the Washington Accord, the program accreditation in China has the same substantial recognition as the international counterpart in quality. When participating in the accreditation, the university proactively aligns the relevant programs with the requirements of Chinese engineering education accreditation standards, revises the training objectives, reorganizes the curriculum system, deepens the reform of class teaching, clarifies the teacher’s responsibility, improves the evaluation mechanism, enhances supporting guarantee, and strives to build a quality culture of continuous improvement. The quality of talent training is significantly improved. Up to now, there have been 15 programs in BJUT which pass the engineering education accreditation or industry assessment, accounting for 88% of programs that are qualified for accreditation application.