BJUT Held the 2020 First-Class Speciality Review Meeting

On the afternoon of July 6,BJUT held the 2020first-class specialty review meeting. Liu Gonghui, deputy secretary of the University Party Committee and President, served as the leader of the expert reviewer group. The chairman, vice-chairman, secretary-general and some members of the Teaching Steering Committee, directors (deans) of teaching divisions and specialty leaders concerned attended the meeting. The review meeting was presided over by Wu Bin, the Vice President of BJUT.

The meeting host introduced the general information of the application,BJUT’s development objectives of the first-class undergraduate specialty and the reviewing procedure. The leaders from 15 undergraduate specialties reported on the basic situation of specialties, awards and supportsat provincial and ministerial level and above in recent three years, specialty orientation and characteristic advantages, specialty reform and development, organization of faculty and grassroots teaching divisions,the assurance system of professional teaching quality, and the next step ideas and measures of specialty development and reform. The expert reviewer group acknowledged the achievements of each specialty and gave specific guidance for the problems in each application.According to the review,BJUT will recommend the best specialties to Beijing and the Ministry of education for the first-class undergraduate specialty application.

Vice President Wu Bin expressed his thanks for the valuable advices from the expert reviewers in his conclusion. He asked the leaders of the related colleges and specialties to extract the achievements, analyze the deficiencies, dig out construction fruits and characteristic advantages of the specialty, continue to improve the application materials, and prepare well for the first-class undergraduate specialty application. Furthermore, he stressed this opportunity should be seized to sort out ideas for developing the related specialties with more efforts towards the first-class level,and to enhance the core competitiveness and university-running strength.