The Evaluation Index of Journal of Beijing University of Technology Hit A New High

According to up-to-date data from the Scimago Journal & Country Rank, the Journal of Beijing University of Technology ranked 0.196 on the list of the Scimago Institutions Rankings (SJR), hitting a record high over the past decade, and resumedits position in the Q2 categories (between top 25% and top 50%).


Journal of Beijing University of Technologys Rankings on the list of SJR over the past 10 years

SJR (SCImagoJoumal Rankings) is an index which considers both the quantity and the quality of citations. It uses Google's PageRank algorithm to measure the reputation of journals. The SJR index considers the impact of topic selection and reputation of the cited jounals on the citation’s value,by giving more weight to the citations which cited by prestigious journals, so as to measure a journal’s reputation based on Scopus database.

The latest data from the Scopus database indicated that the Journal of Beijing University of Technology received a CiteScore of 0.6, reaching a historic high over the past 9 years.


Journal of Beijing University of Technologys CiteScore over the past 9 years

CiteScore is an impact factor index issued by Elsevier based on Scopus database.It refers to the average number of citations of a single article published in a journal, that is, the number of citations of articles published in a certain journal in the past three years divided by the number of articles published and included in Scopus in the past three years.