BJUT:Prepared for the New Semester!

---BJUT Held Work Arrangement Meeting & Emergency Response Tabletop Rehearsal Meeting for Fall Semester 2020

BJUT held the Work Arrangement Meeting for fall semester 2020 on August 20. Guo Fu,Vice President of the university,conveyed the overall work scheme for the new semester.Heads of relevant departments elaborated work arrangements respectively on the following aspects:students’return, reception of freshmen, faculty’s return, teaching schedules, logistics and medical supports, emergency response, security guarantee and preparation work for Tongzhou campus.

Xie Hui,Secretary of CPC BJUT Committee, summarized four requirements for the work of fall semester 2020:(1)Work schedules should be effectively conveyed to every teacher and student,especially freshmen and foreign teachers;(2)Every department should assume their due responsibilities and specific roles in campus management to prepare for students’return;(3)Emergency response plan should be made properly especially for extreme cases;(4)Adhere to people-oriented concept, the university should make maximum efforts to render more convenience to teachers and students and more care for those who in need.

On August 24, the university held a Emergency Response Tabletop Rehearsal Meeting.Student Affairs Department,Security Department, Logistics Department,Academic Affairs Office,and University Hospital conducted scenario description with risk points elaboration respectively under the following emergency circumstances: Students not white-listed and have a fever when arriving at campus;Traffic jam happens at the gates during rush hours;Students have a fever after they finish dormitory check-in;Teachers and students have fever at class, and when seeing a doctor. The participants discussed the details of emergency response procedures one by one to ensure the smooth progress of the new fall semester 2020.