One More Research Achievement of BJUT Reached International Leading Level

—— BJUT-Led Research Project “Key Theory and Engineering Technology Innovation of Anit-seismic & Shock Absorption for Long-Span Spatial Steel Structure” Evaluated as International Leading Level

On August 9, the research project “Key Theory and Engineering Technology Innovation of Anit-seismic & Shock Absorption for Long-Span Spatial Steel Structure” passed the evaluation conducted by the China Steel Structure Society.The project was led by Prof. Xue Suduo and his team from Faculty of Architecture, Civil and Transportation Engineering of BJUT.According to the evaluation committee, the overall achievements of the project have reached the international leading level, indicating that BJUT has made important innovative scientific and technological achievements in the field of anti-seismic and shock absorption in structural engineering.

The evaluation committee was composed of 4 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and 3 national engineering survey and design masters. The committee evaluated that the research team had thoroughly and systematicly studied the multi-dimensional and multi-pointseismic analysis theory, the analysis method of severe earthquake collapse, the seismic analysis theory considering integral work of long-span roof and substructure;and the theory & technology of seismic reduction and isolation.

Innovative achievement were accomplished in the following four aspects: first, the multi-dimensional and multi-point seismic response analysis theory and calculation method of long-span spatial steel structure were established; second, based on the discrete element theory, a refined analysis method for failure modes of spatial grid structures under severe earthquakes was established; third, the seismic analytical theory considering the interaction of long-span roof, supporting structure and soil mass was established;fourth,the three-dimensional composite isolation bearing for spatial structure was developed, and the seismic response law of isolated grid structure under multi-point excitation was revealed.

The research project indicates the team’s scientific research insights in recent 20 years,including more than 460 published academic papers, over 40 nationally authorized patents,and the general editorship in 2 national standards.In addition,related achievements have been incorporated into the Code for Seismic Design Of Buildings and Technical Specification For Spatial Grid Structure, and applied to more than 100 spatial structure projects, yielding remarkable social and economic benefits.