BJUT Smoothly Progressed the Students’ Return of Fall Semester 2020

BJUT has been progressing orderly the Fall 2020 Return-To-Campus Plan for 23, 480 students in three batches since August 26, under the principle that students went back to campus in batches at the different periods as required by the Ministry of Education and Beijing Municipal Party Committee,and Beijing Municipal Government in the new semester.

As the university was implementing the Return-To-Campus Plan, BJUT set up a special leading team in which the Secretary of the Party Committee and the President served as the top leaders and three working groups were built for disinfection, pick-up, and registration.The university issued the "Notice on Preparation For the New Fall Semester" for the arrangements of the work schedule and regulation and conducted emergency drills to simulate the unexpected cases that might occur for students’ return,study and living in campus. The university closely collected and identified students’ health information, carried out epidemic prevention and control lessons in different stages, timely addressed difficulties and problems during their returning and safeguarded their security and interests. All functions of the university collaborated to strictly control the campus gate traffic, take students’ temperature test, disinfect luggages, verify certificates and documents, and handle emergency for fully guaranteeing a safe return.

As of August 31, BJUT has completed the luggage packing and moving for 2,414 boarders in the Tongzhou campus. By September 3, the university has welcomed more than 11,000 returning students in two different batches. From September 7 to 8, the university has also finished 2020 freshmen registration. In general, following the new situation of epidemic prevention and control, BJUT would implement strictly its work as required, and accomplish the Fall 2020 Return-To-Campus Plan.