BJUT Held Opening Ceremony for 2020 New Students

The Opening Ceremony for 2020 new students of BJUT was held at the Pingleyuan campus and Tongzhou campuson September 10.

Liu Gonghui, President of the University, addressed the opening ceremony to extend a warm welcome and heartiest congratulations to all new students on behalf of 30000 plus faculty and staff. In his speech, he noted that it was fairly uplifting for students, who have come through the double whammy of exam preparation and COVID-19 pandemic prevention in such a challenging year, to be eventually admitted to BJUT with excellent scores. He inspired students to firmly adhere to the motto of “Endless Pursuit of Truth as Aim, Persistent Innovation as Way” in their future university life and dream big with both feet on the ground. He hoped students can be the BJUTers who carry forward craftsmanship with unfailing excellence and who dare make an impact on the world with a wider international vision. Furthermore, he encouraged the new students to make contribution to build an internationally recognized high-level research university, and most importantly, to pursuit the Two Centenary Goals and the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation!

The representatives of 2020 new students took the oath at the ceremony. The oath in such a sonorous tone spoke of high spirited outlooks of new students, bringing the opening ceremony to a successful conclusion!