BJUT Attended the 22nd China International Industry Fair

The 22nd China International Industry Fair targeting “Intelligence & Interconnection—Empowering New Industrial Development” was held in Shanghai from September 15 to 19. 25 technological achievements of BJUT were exhibited here. The project of “Intelligent Life Cycle Health Monitoring System for High-end Heavy Equipment” was awarded the Exhibits of Excellence for Colleges and Universities; BJUT won the Organization of Excellence for Colleges and Universities. Besides, leaders from the Ministry of Education Science And Technology Development Center and the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission visited BJUT’ s booths and learned about the superiority and the economic and social benefits of the projects.

Among the exhibits,“Blue Sky Project In Beijing”,“Clear Water In Beijing”,“Urban Construction In Beijing”,“Smooth Traffic In Beijing” and “Waste-Free City In Beijing” were shown as BJUT’s achievements serving Beijing; the “Emergency Technology Scheme for Pollution Gas Emission at the Beef And Mutton Hall of Beijing’s Xinadi Wholesale Market” and “UVC LEDs Sterilization Equipment”, were presented in the sector of the battle against COVID-19 and won visitors’praise as a triumph of the BJUT’s service over the pandemic;“High-performance Erbium-containing Aluminum Alloys” and “Visual-based Industrial Defect Detection” and other highly mature projects indicated the BJUT’s service in national development with technological success. During the exhibition, 300 plus enterprise representatives and personnel from technology administrations, technology agencies,and investment agencies visited the booth and had targeted in-depth exchanges with BJUT exhibitors. Alumni also came to the booth to get a picture of the BJUT’s development and communicated how to promote the industrialization of technological findings.