BJUT Attend the 23rd China Beijing International High-Tech Expo

The 23rd Beijing International High-Tech Expo was held in China International Exhibition Center from September 17 to 20. Positioned with the theme of  “Rooted in Beijing, Serving Beijing”, BJUT exhibited more than ten technologies, mainly displaying what the university has done and achieved in technology-based service for Beijing.

At the exhibition, the project titled “Research on Air Pollution Optimization & Control Technology System and Demonstrative Application in Beijing and its Vicinity” and “Key Technology & Application of Lower Environmental Load Design and Preparation of Urban Cement” project, which newly won the first prize of Beijing Science and Technology Progress Award, attracted wide attention from all walks of life. As for the pandemic-fighting technology, the “Emergency Technology Scheme for Pollution Gas Emission at the Beef And Mutton Hall of Beijing’s Xinfadi Wholesale Market” and “UVC LEDs Sterilization Equipment” also made a splash; a series of BJUT’s achievements serving Beijng was evidenced by the capital’s Glean Water protection project, urban construction project and traffic smoothing project; the Tiangong-1 model and theparademodel of“Sail-setting”on National Day for the celebrationof the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PRC presented the highlights where BJUT has served national major projects., Beijing Youth Daily and other media have reported the exhibition while people across a broad spectrum spoke highly of BJUT’s share in serving Beijing.

At the tech-cooperation presentation and signing ceremony organized by the CHITEC Expo, BJUT and Beijing North Tianrui Technology Co., Ltd. signed an agreement to allow the university to swap patented technologies, including laser-manufactured drilling tools and laser-welded pipes, for partnership as the shareholder.