Chinese Ambassador to Poland H.E.Liu Guangyuan and His Delegation Visited BJUT-Opole Confucius Institute

H.E. Liu Guangyuan, Chinese Ambassador to Poland, accompanied by Mr.Tomazs Kostus,Vice Chairman of the Polish-China parliamentary friendship group, visited BJUT-Opole Confucius Institutein on Sep 9. Ms. Zhang Zhonghua, Counsellor for Cultural Affairs of the Chinese Embassy in Poland, leaders of the Opole University of Technology and the University of Opole, and both Chinses and foreign directors of the Confucius Institute attended the talks.

Ambassador Liu Guangyuan expressed his condolences to the delegates from the Opole University of Technology and the University of Opole and the Confucius Institute, who were fighting with the pandemic, and introduced the achievements made by China towards coronavirus. He pointed out that Chinese people are willing to overcome challenges together with Polish people. After informed of the teaching and cultural work at the Confucius Institute during the pandemic, he acknowledged the contribution of the Confucius Institute to China-Poland communications.

Mr.Kostus extended his gratitude to the Chinese Embassy in Poland. He said that the Chinese Embassy in Poland has provided numerous assistance and support for the establishment and development of the Confucius Institute. He also believed that the local government in Opole would continue to back the growth of the Confucius Institute and further boost China-Poland cooperation in various fields.

When the Confucius Institute is being transferred to the Chinese International Education Foundation, BJUT actively navigates the work, furthure plays the main role of the Chinese institution in management, and constantly strengthens the organization of the management team and teaching faculty as well as improves the curriculum at the Confucius Institute. Currently, BJUT has successfully completed the selection, recommendation and training of teachers for Confucius Institute, and carried out the development of top-quality cultural courses and college-based distinctive online language courses. In the future, BJUT-Opole Confucius Institute will work within the framework of SPUC and on the basis of three Confucius Classrooms under the Confucius Institute to enhance the cooperation and communication of higher education between China and Poland. In this way, the jointly-build institute can make greater contributions to further fostering the education on Chinese language and Chinese traditional culture in other countries.