The Opening Ceremony of 2020 International Education Week and the Appointment Ceremony of Young Tutors for International Development Launched at BJUT

On October 20, BJUT launched the Opening Ceremony of 2020 International Education Week and the Appointment Ceremony of Young Tutors for International Development. LIU Gonghui, Deputy Secretary of CPC BJUT Committee and President of the University, heads from Faculty Academy and International Office, directors and secretaries of foreign affairs in secondary institutions, 2020 young tutors for students' international development, and student representatives attended the opening ceremony.

President LIU Gonghui mentioned that in recent years, by building a high-level "281" global networks with world-class universities, BJUT has provided high-quality student programs and opened up a range of international learning opportunities for students. The number of international exchange students and the rate of undergraduate students studying abroad has been increasing year by year and boosting the quality of international talent cultivation. Although the pandemic is sweeping through the world, all teachers and students should continue to strengthen their awareness of internationalization, stick to original intention of international development, make advanced preparation and actively participate various activities of the International EducationWeek, fully use all kinds of international learning opportunities online and offline, improve intercultural communi cation ability, and contribute to university's international influence and reputation.

At the opening ceremony, President LIU awarded the appoinentment letters for 2020 young tutors for students'international development.

The young tutor for students' international development is for promoting the international talent cultivation, training more high quality applied innovative talents with a good knowledge of international rules and global affairs with strong competitiveness and broader vision, and providing international development consultation and customized guidance for students in the relevant subject and beyond.

HOU Yue, a representative of the young tutors from the Faculty of Urban Construction, expressed thanks in his speech to the university for building a wonderful platform for young teachers to lead the internationalization and devoted to be a guide for students' international growth.

LIU Zhaomiao, Director of International Offcie, delivered a keynote speech on "Hammers' road to go global" after the opening ceremony. She shared the university current situation of international exchange and cooperation, analyzed the trend of students' international exchange and advanced studies in the context of the pandemic, and presented the characteristic international growth system of BJUT students in detail.

At last, students who joined long-term exchanges of the University of Nottingham in the UK and University College Dublin in Ireland shared their learning life and experiences.

As part of the 60th-anniversary series, the BJUT 2020 International Education Week had been designed for five chapters, including international training of faculties, international talent cultivation, global cultural experience, international exchange, discussion, and exhibition. There were 18 activities and 33 various program promotions on internationalization. These online and offline activities of various forms enabled teachers and students to learn about international programs and policies through different channels, to participate in special training on international ability, and to feel the strong international atmosphere without leaving the campus.