President Liu Gonghui Had a Conversation with Young Tutors for Students’ International Development

On November 11, BJUT held the Symposium between the President and Youth Tutors for Students’ International Development 2020. Liu Gonghui, Deputy Secretary of BJUT CPC Committee and President of the University, young tutors for students’ international development, and heads of the International Office and Faculty Academy attended the discussion.

Young tutors discussed with President Liu Gonghui on teaching and research experience, personal development, current student international exchange, construction of student international development system, promotion of high-quality international exchange programs, enrollment and cultivation of international students and also shared ideas and suggestions on how to deepen international communication in the context of normalized pandemic prevention and control, build up more English-taught programs, expand high-quality exchange programs and enhance the international reputation of the university.

President Liu Gonghui carefully heard from young tutors and patiently answered the questions from the young tutors. Also, President Liu fully recognized the contribution of the young tutors in supporting the university’s internationalization and guiding students for their own international development. Furthermore, he encouraged young tutors to set up and strive for their international development goals to speak more at international conferences, do more contribution in international organizations, pursue more prizes on the international competitions, and particpate more in the international programs. Moreover, with the advantage of their international experience, young tutors should guide students to develop an international perspective, intensify international ideas and understand international affairs norms.