Series of Events and Activities in International Education Week 2020 Took Place in BJUT

BJUT held a series of events and activities in International Education Week 2020 from Oct. 19th to Oct. 31st. The International Education Week program this year includes five parts, International Talent Cultivation, Internationalization of the Faculty, International Cultural Experience, International Exchange and Discussion, with 18 activities. Specifically, there were 33 presentation sessions of various online and offline students internationalization programs, 5 international cultural activities, 4 special training courses for teachers’ internationalization ability, and 2 forums organized and involved by BJUT.

In response to the new situation and new requirements of international exchange and cooperation under regular epidemic prevention and control, BJUT explored a new online & offline mode for international program publicity and interpretation. The university invited 16 international first-class universities to give presentations on online student programs, appointed 14 young tutors for students’ international development to offer special sharing meetings on internationalization of specific majors, and drew 16 international universities to the on-site promotion at International Education Fair.

The international talent cultivation exhibition One Brand For One College systematically showcases various strong projects, policies, and achievements in international talent training among each faculty or college.

In combination with specific characteristics of each major, BJUT pointed 24 full-time teachers with overseas learning and working experiences to serve as young tutors for students’ international development and to enhance international awareness and international communication ability of both teachers and students.

Although the pandemic impacted international exchanges, the International Teacher Training Session 2020 co-organized by BJUT and UMD has successfully taken place in an online format. With the theme of “innovative teaching and university governance in the globalised environment”, the training session focused on international educational cooperation and university governance under the new conditions.

The second teachers’ English improvement class included class for management teacher, basic class for full-time teachers, and advanced class for full-time teachers to cater to the need for English improvement of teachers in different positions.

Mini International Day series activities, international alumni lectures, “Huoshuitang” Youth Salon English basketball demonstration, Youth Salon English Sofa for new students, and other activitiess cattered in Pingyuan and Tongzhou campus to enable teachers and students experiencemany cultures around the world in the university.

The IREG 2020 Beijing Conference, hosted by BJUT, went online. The theme was “university ranking in the time of uncertainty”. It attracted more than 350 scholars and experts from 55 countries and regions around the world.

The International Education Week took place as the 21st China International Forum on Education started in Beijing. BJUT was invited to make a keynote speech at the seminar on “international innovation, development, and security of universities in the post-pandemic era” to share BJUT’s solutions in serving and supporting overseas students during COVID-19, which was highly praised by the participants and the organizers.

In the future, BJUT will adhere to the philosophy of “open education”, serve the Capital’s “international communication center” program, promote the strategy of internationalization development across the university, and make a difference in the realization of the centennial BJUT dream to be a world-class university.